What's new with Kourses: Our Changelog

We regularly add new features, updates and improvements to make this the best platform for your business.

30 January 2024

New Feature

Community Feed Page

We've added a new community feed page that will pull all the posts from all your communities into one central feed. The community feed page will help your members engage in your community content. The next phase of the community feed page will add more options for customisation.

30 January 2024

New Feature

Follow Post Option 

The new follow-post feature allows your members to follow a post and get notifications of updates on that post.

Note: If a member comments on a post, they are added automatically as a post follower.

30 January 2024

New Feature

Member & Admin Notifications

The notifications feed will show all unread posts, post comments, likes and lesson comments to admins and members. Your members will only see notifications for posts they follow or comment on.

Note: Admins will see notifications for all membership activity except for likes.

30 January 2024

Improvements & Fixes

Updated email templates to not use website accent colour for links as, in some cases, this meant links did not display clearly in emails.
Updated lesson video upload process to automatically pull a lesson thumbnail from the lesson video. Users can override this by uploading their own lesson thumbnail image. 
Limited field lengths to maintain a clean design focus on member pages.
Short Lesson Description - Limit to 130.
Hub Tab Title - Limit to 15 characters.
Hub Subtitle - Limit to 158 characters.

1st December 2023

New Feature

Added help links throughout the platform

To make your life easier when using Kourses, we've added super-useful help links throughout the platform. These links will take you to the relevant knowledgebase articles inside our help center.

Use these links to open the kb article - and also you can ask questions to our help widget straight from the Kourses interface with no time wasted.

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