What's new with Kourses: Our Changelog

We regularly add new features, updates and improvements to make this the best platform for your business.

12 April 2024

New Feature

Admins, moderators and post review

Admins, mods, post review

We understand that easy community management is a big part of running an effective membership site, and we're here to support you.

We've added three new features that help you spend less time managing and more time growing.

Now live for you to use are admin user accounts, moderator members and post moderation.

Feature: Admin accounts - Now you can add admins to help you manage your membership. Admins have access to most of your membership website features.
Feature: Moderator members - Add moderators to your memberships to help manage your community posts and lesson comments.
Feature: Post review - Take control of your community's content. Turn on post review if you would like to review each community post before it goes live, empowering you to ensure the quality and relevance of our discussions.

12 April 2024

Improvements & Fixes

Rich text editor improvements

We're continually looking for ways to improve the usability of Kourses. That includes adding OR removing features we feel might make our customers lives easier.

Our latest refinements focus on the Rich Text editor interface which is used when you're writing content in posts or comments throughout a Kourses based membership site.

Today's tweaks include:

Feature: Now you can add images to posts or comments through the Rich Text Editor
Feature: Add video to comments through the Rich Text editor
Improvement: Removed text alignment options from posts and comments (we felt these weren't necessary for the majority of customer use cases.
Improvement: Removed headline 2 and headline 3 styling from comments Rich Text editor. We felt that this could make your comments look unsightly and wasn't a required feature.

7 April 2024

New Feature

Zapier & Make.com integration apps now live

Zapier and Make Integrations

As well as adding native integrations, we've now rolled out integrations with two of the leading automation tools used by digital marketers - Zapier and Make.com.

These integrations allow you to use Kourses as an "action" app - meaning you can send data from other platforms into Kourses to create new members, or to revoke access from existing members.

This opens up a wide range of opportunities for you to add Kourses into your existing business workflows with platforms where we don't yet have a native integration.

You can learn more about these integrations, and how to use them, through the knowledgebase articles linked below:

Zapier: Knowledgebase article here

Make.com: Knowledgebase article here

28 March 2024

New Feature

Post and comment editing integrity

Comment And Post Editing

We have added the ability for site admins to edit all community posts, comments, and replies. You can now also add an editing reason to maintain the integrity of your membership site.

Your members can also edit their posts, comments and replies.

All edited content gets an "edited" label.

19 March 2024

New Feature

New member quick actions and member filters update

member management updates

Filter member by status: We've added additional filter options so you can now search for a member's status. You can filter for Account activated, Account not activated, Member logged in within 30 days, and Member not logged in within 30 days.

Member quick actions: We've added a quick menu to help you manage your Member accounts easier and faster. This menu gives you easy access to the primary member actions, View member profile, Edit member, Send activation email, Send password reset, and Delete a member.

12 March 2024

New Feature

"Start Writing Your Post" Box 

To encourage conversation in your communities and activity from members, we have added a "Start Writing Your Post" box to the top of the main feed page and community pages.

When your members start to write a post, the full post editor opens so they can compose their posts.

The more you can encourage new post conversations, the more engagement you will get in your membership..

New Feature

Feed Page Controls

We've added view and sorting controls for the "Feed Page". You can find Feed Page options from the main menu Website > Feed > Feed Options.

You can now control:

Layout Style: Choose how you want your posts to appear on the feed. Choose from full, shortened, or list.

Post Sorting: Select how you would like your posts sorted on your feed page. The selected option will define the posts shown first to members—E.g. Latest or most liked.

Improvements & Fixes

Improvements & Fixes

Fix: Ordered list in the bullet options for the text editor would reflect on a live post or comment but not in the text editor - fixed.

8 March 2024

Improvements & Fixes

Improvements & Fixes

Improvement: Updated text editor for "New Posts" to include additional options and video embeds.
Improvement: Added text editor options to community posts and lesson comments to give additional options and clickable links.
Improvement: Updated nested replies on community post comments to improve the conversation workflow.
Fix: Sometimes, the comment replies link "Replies" would not open. Now fixed.

1 March 2024

New Feature

Admin & Member Notifications

We've added email notifications for community activity for website admins and members. Admins can now activate a range of email notifications on the settings/notifications screen:

Activity notifications for admins: Admins will receive a daily email summary of member activity in their communities.

Activity notification for members: Members will receive a daily email summary of activity on their posts or replies to their post comments.

Weekly digest email for members: Members will receive a weekly email summary of the most popular posts in their communities.

If a site admin activates these settings, a member can deactivate/activate the options as they choose. These email notifications notify community members and drive them back to your membership to increase engagement and stick rate.

27 February 2024

Improvements & Fixes

Improvements & Fixes

Improvement: We have added a warning notice to the download/resources files upload process when you try to upload a file bigger than 100 MB.
Improvement: The Community menu link in the backend admin area is no longer required, as the "Go to website" button serves this purpose. We have removed the community menu link.
Improvement: Comments and replies on community posts were automatically posted as closed and needed to be clicked to be shown. We have updated this so that community post comments are posted as open and viewable without a click.
Improvement: How the hub covers resize and view in the frontend members' areas has been improved to better present for members.
Fix: The welcome email was not sent to a new member if they were manually created as a website member. This is now fixed.
Fix: In some instances, there were connection issues with the Infusionsoft/Keap integration. This is now fixed.
Fix: After adding a hub cover image, it was shown in the frontend of the membership but did not appear on the backend admin screen. This is now fixed.
Fix: In some instances, a member could double like a community post. This is now fixed.
Fix: In some instances, a member's name was shown as "Deleted Member" on a community post comment or reply. This is now fixed.
Fix: In some instances some video content for lessons was not playing on mobile devices. This is now fixed.

24 February 2024

New Feature

Community Feed Page

We've added a new community feed page that will pull all the posts from all your communities into one central feed. The community feed page will help your members engage in your community content. The next phase of the community feed page will add more options for customisation.

New Feature

Follow Post Option

The new follow-post feature allows your members to follow a post and get notifications of updates on that post.

Note: If a member comments on a post, they are added automatically as a post follower.

30 January 2024

New Feature

Member & Admin Notifications

The notifications feed will show all unread posts, post comments, likes and lesson comments to admins and members. Your members will only see notifications for posts they follow or comment on.

Note: Admins will see notifications for all membership activity except for likes.

Improvements & Fixes

Improvements & Fixes

Updated email templates to not use website accent colour for links as, in some cases, this meant links did not display clearly in emails.
Updated lesson video upload process to automatically pull a lesson thumbnail from the lesson video. Users can override this by uploading their own lesson thumbnail image. 
Limited field lengths to maintain a clean design focus on member pages.
Short Lesson Description - Limit to 130.
Hub Tab Title - Limit to 15 characters.
Hub Subtitle - Limit to 158 characters.

1st December 2023

New Feature

Added help links throughout the platform

To make your life easier when using Kourses, we've added super-useful help links throughout the platform. These links will take you to the relevant knowledgebase articles inside our help center.

Use these links to open the kb article - and also you can ask questions to our help widget straight from the Kourses interface with no time wasted.

Our team are available 24/7 to answer your questions

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