The Membership Platform for Creators

The power to create beautiful membership portals that make your content the star of the show. Engaging experiences. Powerful business tools.

Beautiful and optimized membership site portals

Build immersive, branded membership portals that can deliver online courses, community discussion and content in one beautiful interface.

The complete Suite

All the tools you need to grow your digital business.

Build immersive, branded membership portals that can deliver online courses, community discussion and content in one beautiful interface.

Beautiful online courses & learning portals

Create beautiful, branded learning spaces to share your online courses and educational content.

Interactive member communities

Members come for the content and stay for the community. Engage them with powerful community features.

Customizable membership access groups

Every member is different, so with Kourses you can create custom membership levels to gate your content.

Online courses

Supercharged online courses.

Online courses are at the heart of our platform. We've made these a breeze to setup, and ensured they look beautiful out of the box.

Superfast video hosting

Upload your video content direct to Kourses where we'll store and host your files on super-fast servers.

Member progress tracking

Members can clearly see their progress through courses to encourage return learning.

Beautiful course portals

Create branded course hubs that make your content look like a million dollars.

Schedule lessons & modules

Delay the release of individual lessons or modules to grow retention and engagement.

Lesson comments 

Build engagement and support your members with built in lesson commenting.

Add welcome videos

Welcome your members to your course with an optional video introduction. 

Attach downloads 

Add downloads to any lesson for easy access to resources, tools or PDF content.

Auto-play next lessons

Let your members progress through courses automatically with next lesson auto-play

Favourite lessons for later

Your members can their favourite lessons to view any time they want in their own library.

Organise your content

Organise content your way with Hubs.

With Hubs in Kourses, you have the flexibility to build stand-alone courses, or integrated mini-communities that include other content and community.

Customize your hubs to fit your content

Every hub in your membership site can be customized to include an online course, content page, download & community. Use these features alone or in combination.

Online courses 

Cutting-edge online courses feature provides easy access to share your knowledge and skills.

Downloads & resources

Host and share your download and resource files easily with members on protected content pages.

Easily navigate between content

Navigation between content inside a hub is easy with our integrated menu system. Designed for desktop and mobile, switching between content is a breeze.

Social communities 

Experience the power of connection and collaboration with our dynamic online communities feature.

Content pages

Create protected content pages for members, such as welcome pages, membership upgrades or latest news.


Build your community your way.

Your members join for your content, they stay for the community. Grow an engaged community with Kourses.

Customizable communities

Organise your community discussions into custom hubs focusing on specific topics.

Customize post layouts

Choose from 3 different post layouts to fit your preferred discussion style.

Interactivity built in

Members can like and comment on posts, rapidly growing engagement in your community.

Your own social network

Forget using Facebook for your community - this is your own private, custom branded platform.

Group community & courses

Create custom communities alongside your courses so members can help each other.

Brand to your liking

Add your logo and colour scheme to your membership sites and communities to match your brand.

The complete Suite

A membership site dream.

Our membership site features let you manage your members and access the way you dreamed of, without complexity and overwhelm.

Create memberships to control access to your content

Flexible memberships allow you to control access to individual communities, courses and content. 

Advanced content release controls

Customize the release of your course content specifically for each membership tier or plan you create.

Connect your existing checkout solution

With direct connections to OptimizeCheckouts, ThriveCart plus 1000's of third party platforms through Zapier &

Natively connect the services you already use

Add new members to a range of autoresponder services and CRM systems to better organise your followup email marketing.

Coming soon to kourses

Future-proofing your success.

We ensure your ongoing success and growth by continuously developing the features you need. These features are coming soon...

Premium feature*

Built-in conversion optimized checkout 

Process payments inside Kourses with 0% transaction fees using our Stripe integrated checkout

AI-powered transcriptions

Fully searchable transcriptions of all your video content will make your courses and content even more engaging.

Easy membership management

Assign different access controls to team members so that they can help moderate your communities and add new content.

Premium feature*

Membership drop off detection

Ensure your least engaged members remain engaged in your membership with our churn-detection feature.

Integrated product promos

Promote your existing memberships and products to specific member groups for in-membership upsell opportunities.

More powerful features coming

We're building Kourses to be the most powerful platform for your online courses, communities and membership sites. Stay tuned for more...

*Early adopter members will get access to all future premium (non AI) features included in their plan at no extra cost.

Create. Engage. Profit

Start building a better membership site.

The power to create beautiful membership portals that make your content the star of the show. Engaging experiences. Powerful business tools.