10 SamCart Alternatives: An In-Depth Comparison for 2023

Considering SamCart to help you sell your digital products, courses and physical products? Before you make your decision, keep reading to discover our guide to SamCart alternatives.

By Joanna Taylor  •  Updated 3 October 2023

SamCart Alternatives

Are you looking for SamCart alternatives? 

With so many checkout and cart platforms in the market, finding the perfect SamCart alternative can be quite daunting. 

While the features of a software can guide you as you are looking for an alternative option, there’s more to this than what meets the eye. 

Well, in this post, we are going to give you an insight into the best SamCart alternatives.

Why choose a SamCart alternative?

Here’s the thing: 

SamCart has three plans — Launch, Grow, and Scale. 

But, of all the three plans, there’s only one plan — the Scale plan — that offers you the most advanced features. We are talking about cart abandonment functionalities, A/B split testing, affiliate management, and custom checkouts. 

And while SamCart is ideal for online businesses, it’s costlier than other solutions. For instance, if you are billed on a monthly basis, the Scale plan will cost you $319/month. 

And if you prefer the annual payment option, the Scale plan will cost you $239 per month. 

Apart from the costly packages, SamCart doesn’t come with functionalities which are required to build a whole online e-commerce store. Think of it as a solution that lets you build checkout and product pages, instead of ecommerce stores. 

SamCart alternatives, on the other hand, have more affordable plans. 

Besides that, some solutions will offer you everything, from email marketing functionalities to customer management features, making it easier for you to build functional e-commerce stores and pages. 

Here’s a table of SamCart alternatives with pricing, just to give you a quick overview of the subscription plans of other platforms:

This table shows the monthly subscription plans, which are billed on an annual basis

Best SamCart Alternatives

Now that you're ready to start looking at Samcart alternatives, keep reading to discover our recommendations:

1. Kourses

Starting an online business selling courses, memberships or communities is easy when you use Kourses. 

Kourses is positioned as "the Membership Platform for creators" and has been designed to help you launch beautiful, high impact and highly engaging courses and communities that grow organically.

With a focus on user interaction, beautiful design and improving engagement between your members, Kourses has everything you need to get your online courses off the ground.

Kourses membership site platform

Kourses Pros

Beautiful online courses that are highly engaging
Build in super-fast video hosting
Automatically move users through your courses with auto-proceed to next lesson
Powerful integrations with a range of CRMS
Integrates directly with ThriveCart for payments
Rapidly developing roadmap and features released regularly.

Kourses Pricing

Kourses is currently in closed early access. You can register for the waitlist ready to be first in line when the next round of invites are sent out.

2. Kajabi

Featuring superb marketing and CRM (customer relationship management) functionalities, Kajabi is one of the most effective solutions for hosting online courses. 

And when it comes to email marketing, this solution has a competitive edge over SamCart, thanks to the built-in email-marketing functionalities. Kajabi comes with an intuitive visual editor that lets you customize your emails, based on your personal preferences. 

Kajabi alternative

While SamCart has some email marketing features, such functionalities are centered around subscription reminders and refund notifications. And these are not marketing features per se. 

Additionally, Kajabi makes it easier for you to build an e-commerce website, with a storefront, navigation menu, blog, and everything else you’d want to add.


A website builder for customizing sites.
Advanced CRM functionalities for automating emails and offering customized offers.
A course creator that’s effective in building courses.
An all-in-one solution for e-commerce stores, with everything that’s needed to manage and market products.
Pre-built website templates that can be easily customized.


It might take a while before you get used to the page builder.
Pricing is amongst the highest of our SamCart alternatives.


It’s worthwhile to note that Kajabi offers you a 14-day free trial period. 

Additionally, the entry plan — Basic — is $119 per month, while the middle-tier plan, Growth, is $159 per month. 

The top-tier plan, Pro, will cost you $319 per month.

Who's it for?

Kajabi is a suitable solution for those who are planning to sell online courses or digital products, as well as managing emails and funnels inside one platform.

3. Kartra

Unlike SamCart, which is a solution for displaying e-commerce products or digital products, Kartra is an all-in-one solution for managing different e-commerce processes. We are talking about email marketing campaigns, sales funnels, you name it.

For starters, Kartra features a membership site functionality, which makes it easier for you to build a site that offers digital courses and programs to certain members.

Kartra Pros

Effective email marketing functionalities
Affiliate marketing features for managing your affiliate marketing programs
Has various e-commerce functionalities in one platform
Pre-built templates that’ll save you time while building websites
It’s quite affordable

Kartra Cons

The reports feature is not effective in generating different types of insights.
A big learning curve, so perhaps not for beginners.
Online course feature is weaker than some SamCart alternatives.

Kartra Pricing

For only $1, Kartra lets you try out its features for 30 days. Think of it as a free trial period, with a small service fee. And the good thing is that every plan has a free trial period. 

So, whether you opt for the Starter, Silver, or Platinum plan, you’ll still get the chance to try out multiple features. 

Speaking of which, the Starter plan costs $99 per month when billed annually. 

The Silver plan, on the other hand, costs $189 a month when billed on a yearly basis. 

Lastly, the Platinum plan will cost you $429 a month. 

For those who’d like to be billed on a monthly basis, Kartra will charge you $119 a month to access features offered by the Starter plan. 

And while the Silver Plan costs $229/month, the Platinum Plan costs $549 a month.

Who's it for?

If you are planning to offer coaching services or publish an online course, opt for Kartra. Thanks to the membership functionality, you can easily create different membership tiers.

4. ClickFunnels

Specifically designed for building effective sales funnels, ClickFunnels offers you everything you need to create awareness while marketing your business to potential customers. 

While SamCart has some features that make it easier for you to create sales funnels, these features aren’t quite as advanced as those you'll find in ClickFunnels. 

ClickFunnels Pros

A superb split-testing functionality on every subscription plan
Integrates seamlessly with multiple third-party applications such as MailChimp, Google
Sheets, Zapier, Active Campaign, you name it.
Intuitive drag-and-drop page builder for customizing landing pages
Effective sales funnel analytics that will give you insight into the total sales and earnings per click
Affiliate management functionalities for handling affiliate-related activities

ClickFunnels Cons

Advanced email marketing functionalities are offered on the top-tier plans only.
Limited customization options for memberships.
Some features in their 2.0 version are still buggy.
Not as reliable as other SamCart alternatives

ClickFunnels Pricing

For starters, ClickFunnels offers you a 14-day free trial period. 

And when it comes to the annual plans, the Basic plan will cost you $127 per month, while the Pro plan will cost you $157 a month. 

Additionally, the Funnel Hacker plan will cost you $208 per month, when billed annually. 

If you opt for monthly subscriptions instead of annual subscriptions, the Basic plan will cost you $147 per month, while the Pro plan will cost you $197. 

The Funnel Hacker plan, on the other hand, costs $297 per month.

Who is ClickFunnels for?

ClickFunnels is perfect for entrepreneurs and business owners who are planning to sell physical products.

5. Thrivecart

Featuring the same functionalities as SamCart, Thrivecart is an effective shopping cart platform, but with much cheaper plans than SamCart. This makes it easier for you to save a few bucks while launching your online e-commerce store. 

Examples of features offered by this platform include pre-built templates, a drag-and-drop page builder, and multiple payment gateway integrations.

ThriveCart Alternative


A simple, user-friendly interface.
A lifetime payment plan, which saves you from recurring payments.
Functionalities for determining the tax percentage.
Includes a basic online course feature called Learn.
Integrates with a good range of CRM systems.


Doesn't include it's own CRM functionality.
You'll need an external CRM to manage your emails and contacts.
Future updates may stall due to lifetime pricing.
Online course functionality is limited and not pretty.


Unlike other platforms, Thrivecart has a lifetime payment option that’ll cost you $495. This does put it in an interesting position against other SamCart alternatives as this is a high initial outlay but avoids ongoing costs.

Who’s it for?

Thrivecart is suitable for anyone who deals with digital products such as courses and ebooks.

Thinking of using WordPress?

If you'd prefer to use WordPress for your online course building and checkout solution check out the OptimizePress suite, a complete tools set for creating landing pages, sales pages and online checkouts for your digital products.

6. Shopify

As the name hints, Shopify is a platform that makes it easier for you to build a whole e-commerce store. It comes with a content management system, multiple payment options, and pre-built website templates. 

That’s not all. 

It also offers you e-commerce automation functionalities, centered around marketing, payment processing, order tracking, and customer support.

Shopify SamCart Alternative


It seamlessly integrates with more than 6,000 third-party applications
Effective cart abandonment recovery features for increasing your sales
Reports functionalities that give you metrics of total sales
Superb features for calculating import duty and other types of taxes
Intuitive drag-and-drop editor for customizing your own checkout pages


It comes with a few free theme templates, so you need to pay some extra money to access more templates
The content management system is not so effective


Shopify has a trial period, which lasts for three months. However, you have to pay $3 during the trial period. 

When billed annually, the Basic plan will cost you $24 per month, while the Shopify plan will cost you $69 a month. The Advanced plan costs $299 a month. 

Monthly subscription plans are more expensive than annual plans. 

For example, the Basic plan is $32 per month, and the Shopify plan is $92 a month. Lastly, the Advanced plan costs $399 per month.

Who’s it for?

If you are planning on selling any kind of physical products in local and international markets, Shopify might be a suitable platform for you.

7. Sellfy

Sellfy was developed to help you build and edit product pages to suit your personal style. And unlike SamCart and our other SamCart alternatives, this platform can host a storefront. 

With that said, Sellfy makes it easier for you to build landing and checkout pages to complement your storefront.

Sellfy - Another SamCart alternative


It comes with multiple pre-built storefront templates, which can save you time while building e-commerce stores
Insightful analytics that show you the total revenue earned and successful sales
An intuitive store builder for customizing e-commerce stores to suit your style
It has all the tools that can build an e-commerce store and market it to potential customers


Limited payment options
A few integrations


The entry plan, also known as the Starter plan, costs $19 per month. The middle-tier plan — Business — is $49 a month. The top-tier plan, also known as the Premium plan, is $99 a month.

Who’s it for?

Do you have an online business that deals with subscriptions? 

If that’s the case, Sellfy may be an ideal platform for your business model.

8. Thinkific

While SamCart deals with checkout pages, Thinkific is popularly known for its course creation features. For starters, this platform comes with a drag-and-drop builder for creating unique structures and layouts. 

And another thing: 

Thinkific also offers you advanced features which can help you build communities, dedicated to different topics and discussions. 

Thanks to these features, it becomes much easier to simulate real-life learning interactions with live lessons.

Thinkific Alternatives


Various marketing integrations
Easy-to-use interface
Pre-built course templates that help you set up your own courses
It makes it easier for you to create multiple subscription tiers


The page builder has a limited number of font formatting functionalities
Thinkific doesn’t come with inbuilt marketing features


Well, Thinkific is one of the few platforms that has a Free plan. 

Besides that, it has a Basic plan, which costs $36 per month when billed annually. On top of that, the Start plan costs $74 per month, while the Grow plan is $149 per month.

Who’s it for?

Thinkific is the perfect solution for anyone who’s starting out with online courses. (Kajabi, on the other hand, is for more experienced creators)

Recommended for you

We know Thinkific is one of the most popular online course platforms on the market. So we have done our own research into the 12 best Thinkific alternatives here.

9. Sendowl

Just like SamCart, Sendowl offers you superb features for selling your products online. Such functionalities focus on cart abandonment, affiliate marketing, on-site checkouts, and discounts. 

And the good thing about Sendowl is that it offers you affordable subscription plans — you won’t strain your pockets with this platform.

Sendowl SamCart alternatives


An intuitive and easy-to-use drag-and-drop page builder for editing checkout pages
Pre-built templates that’ll save you the trouble of designing something from scratch
Reports and analytics functionalities, which give you insightful metrics, making it easier to analyze your KPIs (key performance indexes)
Affordable subscription plans


Doesn’t feature any A/B testing functionalities
Ineffective affiliate marketing features — it can’t track IDs


The Starter plan is free for the first three months. After 3 months, Sendowl will charge you $9 a month. 

The Growth plan is $15 a month and has a 14-day free trial period. The top-tier plan, Pro, is $39 per month.

Who's it for?

Thanks to its affordable plans, Sendowl is an ideal solution for business owners and entrepreneurs who are just starting out and want to save some money.

10. PayKickstart

Featuring multiple checkout templates, PayKickstart is a platform that gives you total control over the whole checkout process. For instance, it has a funnel builder for customizing and building your own unique funnels. 

Besides that, it comes with various options for adding discounts and coupons to help you boost your sales.

Paykickstart SamCart alternatives

PayKickStart Pros

A superb affiliate marketing center for managing your affiliates
Multiple integrations
Various payment gateways such as Stripe, Braintree, Paypal, EasyPayDirect, and Authorize.net
Prebuilt templates

PayKickStart Cons

It doesn’t have split testing functionalities

PayKickStart Pricing

If you choose the annual billing option, the Starter plan will be $79, while the Growth plan will cost you $159. 

When billed on a monthly basis, the Starter plan will cost you $99, while the Growth plan will cost you $199. 

To get insight into the Scale plan, you should get in touch with the official team.

PayKickStart Who's it for?

PayKickstart is an ideal platform for anyone who’s specializing in digital products.

How To Choose the Best SamCart Alternatives

Well, everything boils down to your needs. 

What’s your end goal? 

For example, if you are planning to build an online course, you should look for a platform with a superb learning management system. The same thing should apply in other scenarios.

To help you out, we’ve listed some of the factors you need to consider while looking for a suitable SamCart Alternatives platform for your business:

  • Budget: This is quite self-explanatory. Opt for a tool that’s within your budget constraints. Be sure to check if it has all the necessary features and functionalities.

  • Split testing functionalities: With split testing functionalities, it becomes much easier to know what works and what doesn’t. 

  • Reports and analytics: Metrics can let you know whether you are hitting your KPIs or not. You’ll also get more insight into some of the things you need to improve.

Over To You

And there you have it, everything you need to know about the best SamCart alternatives. Well, the good thing about these platforms is that they come with advanced functionalities, which are effective in building storefronts. 

Apart from offering you advanced functionalities, some of these alternatives have the most affordable subscription plans.

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