14 membership site examples to inspire you for 2024

Get inspiration for your membership site. See how these successful membership site examples engage members, deliver content, and grow communities. 

Joanna Taylor

By Joanna Taylor  •  Updated 30th November 2023

With a membership site, you can easily offer online courses and other resources to different customers.

But here's the thing - the whole process of building an intuitive membership website might seem challenging, especially if you're new to it.So, how do you create a successful membership site?

To help you out in this journey, we've compiled a list of 14 of the most amazing membership site examples on the web.

What is a membership site?

A membership site is an exclusive online community where individuals can gain access to training materials and exclusive content in exchange for a recurring fee.

Unlike traditional websites, membership sites usually require individuals to sign up, register and then pay a fee to gain access to the content or service offered.

Members gain access to perks and privileges that regular visitors do not have. Some examples of membership sites include online learning platforms, professional networking communities, and subscription-based services such as meal planning or fitness programs.

Membership sites provide a range of benefits, from a sense of belonging to a community of like-minded individuals, to access to specialized knowledge and resources.

Additionally, membership sites can be an excellent source of income for entrepreneurs or organizations, who can offer premium services to paying members.

Features of a high-quality membership website

A membership site is an exclusive online community where individuals can gain access to training materials and exclusive content in exchange for a recurring fee.

Unlike traditional websites, membership sites usually require individuals to sign up, register and then pay a fee to gain access to the content or service offered.

Members gain access to perks and privileges that regular visitors do not have. Some examples of membership sites include online learning platforms, professional networking communities, and subscription-based services such as meal planning or fitness programs.

Membership sites provide a range of benefits, from a sense of belonging to a community of like-minded individuals, to access to specialized knowledge and resources.

Additionally, membership sites can be an excellent source of income for entrepreneurs or organizations, who can offer premium services to paying members.

A well-structured payment model

A membership website should have an effective and flexible pricing model. With that said, you should structure your payment plans, based on the resources that you are offering.


A testimonials section can market your site to prospects and potential customers. And most customers usually assess a site’s credibility by going through testimonials. And here’s the thing - a testimonial section establishes credibility.

Besides that, it’s an effective way of showing prospects that they can trust you.

A course overview section

To give website visitors insight into your membership program, you need to feature a course overview section on your site.


Forums and online communities can create a sense of belonging in a membership site. Members can discuss various topics in forums and communities.

Intuitive design

An intuitive web design makes it easier for website users to navigate from one web page to the next. Your membership website should have well-structured menus and bold headers.

Top Membership Site Examples


Copyblogger deals with everything in the content marketing field.

We are talking about high-level skills that’ll help you build an online business - SEO strategies, content creation tips, social media marketing tactics, and copywriting tips.

When it comes to resource structuring, copyblogger organizes everything in a management system, popularly known as the Copyblogger Academy. It’s specifically developed to offer content marketing insights in an organized way.

And since the site has a simple layout and user-friendly design, you can easily navigate to different pages.

It also features a clutter-free user interface that displays various elements in an effective, concise, and simple manner.

For instance, on the home page header menu, there’s an ‘Academy’ option that is concisely displayed to redirect you to the Copyblogger Academy page. It’s also among the few elements that might capture your attention, as you open the home page - or a few milliseconds after that.


Whichever the case, copy blogger’s design is quite intuitive and can easily redirect prospects to the right pages.

Copyblogger Academy page features high-quality marketing content that can easily turn leads into customers. 

When you scroll to the topmost section of the page, you’ll find information that resonates with prospects in different stages of the customer awareness journey.

For instance, copyblogger briefly defines the problem that prospects are facing and then gives a solution that might solve the problem - a smart move for attracting prospects in the first stage (unaware) and second stage (pain/problem) of the customer awareness journey.

The testimonials section is also quite effective in marketing resources offered on multiple payment plans.

Copyblogger Testimonials

Copyblogger has a tiered payment model, with three payment plans. Each plan has a certain number of benefits, but the premium plan complements resources offered on other plans with more benefits.

What We Like:

A testimonial section for marketing resources and services offered on the site
High-quality marketing copy that attracts prospects in different stages
A well-structured resource management system
Intuitive design with concise elements
Solid payment model for different customers

2.Screenwriting Staffing

Screenwriting Staffing

For a certain fee, Screenwriting Staffing connects screenwriters to organizations seeking screenwriting services.

Think of it as a job board for screenwriting-related activities, which is dominated by both screenwriters and those who are planning to hire screenwriters.

While this site has premium membership packages, it also features a free membership option.

And the free membership option has a few benefits that can attract more prospects to the website. However, there's only so much one can do with the free membership.

The main aim of the free membership plan is to retain users on the platform. With time, the users will be drawn to other payment plans, until they switch from free to premium payment packages.

And if a screenwriter opts for premium membership, the website automatically shares more screenwriting opportunities with the screenwriter, based on the user’s membership plan.

Top tier plans are designed to expose members to more opportunities, as compared to other packages. For instance, to be added to the site’s database, a screenwriter should select the top-tier payment plan.

Once a writer’s name is added to the database, the site publishes the writer's personal details on a page with high traffic, increasing the chances of getting hired by an organization or individual.

Apart from providing career opportunities to screenwriters, this site has resources that can improve a screenwriter’s skills.

What We Like:

A freemium pricing model for attracting and retaining prospects
Various payment plans which are designed for customers with varying needs
Resources are grouped based into different tiers
A job board that attracts new members
A blog for publishing screenwriting articles

3.National Entrepreneurs Association

National Entrepreneurs Association

As the name hints, National Entrepreneurs Association is a website for all kinds of entrepreneurs.

Launched to help entrepreneurs and business owners achieve their objectives, this membership site gives an entrepreneur access to insightful resources centered around funding, cash flow management, you name it.

Such resources are only featured in a members-only segment of the site, which is known as the Member Area.

While those resources can take a business to the next level, there's more to this than what meets the eye. And that's the reason why the National Entrepreneurs Organization has a network of like-minded individuals who constantly motivate each other to work towards a wide variety of entrepreneurial goals.

Through these networks, entrepreneurs can talk about the challenges they face while executing various tasks.

Afterward, experienced business owners usually advise people on how to tackle such business challenges, empowering every member with more information.

Talks and discussions are always held in networking groups and entrepreneurial forums on the membership site.

Since entrepreneurs work with teams of different sizes, this site has a group payment model, designed for organizations of varying sizes.

And that's not all.

Thanks to the individual entrepreneurship packages, solo entrepreneurs can also subscribe to this program, under different payment plans.

In other words, the website has two sets of payment plans, one for organizations and another for individuals.

What We Like:

Two payment models to streamline group and individual payments
Members forum for sharing ideas and networking
Password-protected members-only section
A channel with insightful videos
Testimonial section for building trust with potential members

4.Personal Development School

Personal Development School

Featuring more than 45 different courses, the Personal Development School specializes in self-improvement programs, making it easier for you to learn how to build healthy habits, reprogram your subconscious mind, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

To help you understand various concepts, the website lets you take multiple tests, with different questions.

Afterward, it analyzes your answers and provides the right answers in sections where you might have provided the wrong answer.

And with such data, you can easily tell whether you are making any progress or not.

Interactive workbooks are also quite interesting and can take your learning experience to a whole new level.

And the good thing about the Personal Development School is that it gives you access to interactive workbooks.

When it comes to the pricing model, this website offers students a lot of flexibility, because it is structured around two payment models.

It creates a balance between one-time payments and recurring monthly payments.

And here's the reason why:

This website has a lot of courses, which might not pique everyone's interest. Out of all those courses, a student might be interested in a few courses.

The one-time payment plan is a suitable option for a student who's interested in one or two courses.

Moreover, the Personal Development School features a lifetime payment plan, which may be perfect for those who'd love to learn all the 45 courses.

So what about students who would like to access around 10 courses, without spending a lot of money?

To save such students from hefty charges, this platform features a recurring monthly payment plan that's quite affordable.

What We Like:

Flexible payment plans that create a balance between recurring and one-time payments
Interactive workbooks
Blog section for publishing insightful content
A testimonial section
Lifetime payment plans for saving students from recurring bills

5.Mike Mandel Hypnosis

Mike Mandel Hypnosis

Mike Mandel Hypnosis promotes positivity by teaching hypnosis and motivating students to unlock their full potential, with their newfound knowledge.

Featuring a responsive design, this membership website runs smoothly on various mobile phones. This makes it easier for students to log into their accounts when they don't have a laptop or PC.

Whether students are on the move or resting at home, they can access published resources at any time.

Thanks to the bite-sized videos, users may learn various concepts within a short period.

Moreover, informational videos are always complemented by various PDF notes. Such notes may come in handy whenever someone wants to counter-check information.

With that said, it's worthwhile to note that the hypnosis program is made up of 24 modules, which are grouped under the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy.

And while Mike Mandel’s core training program focuses on general hypnosis techniques, he also offers other extra programs - bonus training programs.

To be more precise, these bonus programs can provide insight into advanced hypnotherapy techniques, mindscaping, hypnotic power induction, wellness, NLP essentials, and handwriting analysis.

Apart from that, bonus programs are categorized into three different groups — personal growth programs, guest training video packages, and hypnosis and coaching tools.

Packages featured in the guest hypnosis trainer packages are offered by other trainers.

Personal growth programs, on the other hand, deal with various concepts such as pain management and stress relief techniques.

This membership separates bonus packages from the main core package, creating a unique business model.

Also, the core training program is published on the site's homepage, but bonus packages are published on the 'products' page. This makes things less confusing.

And as a platform that offers a core training program and other bonus training programs, this site relies on different payment strategies to keep things running.

For instance, the core program is always billed on a monthly basis - it also features a 14-day free trial.

Bonus programs have a one-time fee, which varies from one package to the other.

What We Like:

A solid business model, with a core program and other extra programs
An intuitive design
Free trial period to attract users
A podcast section for enlightening its members and potential members
A section for live classes and events

6.Links Golf

Links Golf

The Links Golf membership site is a platform that lets various users sign up for golf memberships.

For starters, it builds a community of well-minded individuals who love playing golf. Anyone who subscribes to the membership can access more than 900 golf courses, which are distributed all over the country.

And another thing: this membership site has a newsletter for updating their members on various issues.

With that said, this website features a tiered pricing model.

What We Like:

Different payment packages for multiple customers
A newsletter
A community section that links members who share the same interest
Different membership packages
A user-friendly design

7.Intentional homeschooling membership

Intentional Homeschooling

Managed by a homeschooling mom, named Chantel, the intentional homeschooling membership site provides resources and support to kids who are homeschooling. It also guides parents in raising kids who are enrolled in the homeschooling curriculum.

And thanks to the community board, homeschooling parents can easily discuss topics related to homeschooling. It's also a good place to learn various things.

Members can access posts that were published in the past few years — even before they joined the community. Think of it as a wiki with detailed information on how to get the best out of homeschooling.

The founder has been homeschooling her kids for a long period of time, so she regularly posts insightful content on the community board.

Apart from that, the membership site has a blog section that has so many informative articles.

In terms of pricing, the intentional homeschooling membership site bills members annually and monthly.

Besides that, it also has an online store, which sells different kinds of products.

What We Like:

A community board for discussing different homeschooling topics
An online store, which complements the membership pricing model
A newsletter for updating leads and existing members
An affiliate program for encouraging members to refer their friends to the membership site
Payments are billed on an annual and monthly basis



Since finding a host in a new destination can be challenging, Workway does the heavy lifting for travelers, and then it connects them with suitable hosts, whenever they travel to a new destination.

Additionally, this platform also makes it easier for travelers to meet in different places. Also, for those who might be looking for a travel buddy, Workway might be the best bet.

And the good thing about this platform is that it lets a traveler join a vibrant community of other travelers.

Unlike other community boards, Workaway's community section is quite diversified, with different sub-categories.

The community is divided into these sections — Workaway gallery, Workway ambassadors, gifts, Workaway photo gallery, logos and postas, and Workaway blog.

Featuring different community sections, Workaway gives travelers a wide variety of options to choose from while they are joining the community.

For instance, a traveler who loves photography might be inclined to publish pictures on the Workway Photo Gallery.

Travelers who love filming their adventures can publish their videos on Workaway TV and show others the most beautiful parts of the world.

Besides that, Workway also encourages its members to learn something new while they are traveling.

Speaking of which, the website features a travel & learn section, which gives you access to different learning opportunities.

For instance, anyone who's open to learning a new language can be connected with a native speaker.

Afterward, the native speaker teaches the open-minded traveler how to communicate in a new language.

Also, travelers who are passionate about multiple things can benefit from exchange programs.

Thanks to the wide networks, Workaway members can participate in charity activities, after traveling to a new place. As a result, it becomes much easier to grow a certain skill while working with NGOs and other communities.

In terms of membership plans, Workaway has three different payment plans. The first payment plan is designed for couples who love traveling. The second package is for individuals who explore the world on their own.

Finally, travelers can buy a gift from Workaway.

What We Like:

Diversified community section with different sections
Multiple payment plans to satisfy the needs of various travelers
A community section
Multiple payment options
A blog for sharing information and insights

9.Teach Music Online

Teach Music Online

While teaching might seem like an easy task, teachers can face challenges while trying to teach.

And the Teach Music Online membership site polishes a music teacher's skills. Not to mention, it also equips teachers with the skills, which are needed to take a business to the next level.

A big part of polishing teaching skills involves reviewing hourly rates and updating personal websites.

The resources that are featured on this membership site can effectively guide a music teacher through various concepts such as automation onboarding and social media marketing.

As an online membership platform that's centered around music, the Teach Music Online membership site has a large community, which is largely dominated by music enthusiasts. Some of the community members took the course and grew their skills.

By engaging with music teachers who were in a similar predicament, new members will be motivated to go through with what they started.

Apart from offering core resources, this membership site also has some free resources such as podcast episodes.

Anyone who visits the website can listen to the podcast episodes. And if you think about it from a marketing perspective, publishing podcasts on a membership site is a great way of attracting new prospects.

The site's pricing model is quite simple. Music teachers are billed monthly or annually, based on their personal preferences.

What We Like:

A podcast section for marketing the course
Simple pricing model
Free classes for attracting new members to the membership site
A blog for publishing niche content
Well-designed landing page

10.Virtual Art Academy

Virtual Art Academy

Just as the name hints, the Virtual Art Academy focuses on painting classes.

It was founded by an experienced painter, known as Barry John Raybould, who compiled everything he learned over the years into a single painting course.

And the good thing about this painting program is that it covers both traditional and contemporary painting techniques.

To help creatives improve their painting skills, the Virtual Art Academy assigns painting tasks to its members, keeping them occupied.

Furthermore, the instructor also interacts with members via video calls. Such interactive meetings make it easier for members to ask some of the things that might be bothering them.

It doesn't stop there.

The instructor also sends ebooks to members every single month.

The Virtual Art Academy offers its members two payment plans, via a tiered payment model. And from time to time, the founder introduces some discounts to attract new members to the site.

What We Like:

Discounted payment plan for attracting new members to the site
Well-structured content
A ‘free-tips’ section
A ‘curriculum’ section for giving its leads insight into the whole curriculum
A tiered payment model for different members

11.Kelsey Nixon

Kelsey Nixon

For those who always get indecisive while looking for something to cook, the Kelsey Nixon food club might be their best bet.

Basically, it's a food membership platform that introduces new recipes to its members. Instead of spending too much time looking for a new recipe, active members are always given access to various recipes.

Since most people have different preferences, the platform features a voting system, which lets users choose the recipes that suit them most.

With time, members can create a catalog that has some of the most delicious recipes.

Furthermore, the platform also makes it easier for users to determine when they want to receive certain recipes.

Some may choose dinner time while others may choose a separate time frame.

Whichever the case, recipes are always shared on time.

To gain access to resources, a member should either pay a monthly or annual fee.

The Kelsey Nixon membership site has a recurring payment model.

What We Like:

Various customization options, making it easier for users to choose their preferences
Simple design and layout
A podcast section for marketing the site to leads
Additional resources with a one-time price
A voting system that makes it easier for users to choose the resources that suit them most

12.Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers

The Weight Watchers website has various programs that can help anyone lose weight. Featuring various resources, this website offers its members multiple dieting options. And most dieting programs usually run for a certain period of time.

It’s also worthwhile to note that this website is managed by various nutritionists who create customized diet programs for their clients. Nutritionists always analyze their clients' needs while creating customized diet programs.

On top of that, members can easily access thousands of recipes during their weight loss journey. Every recipe has healthy ingredients that'll boost weight loss.

Since this website promotes healthy living, it has a section for booking virtual consultations. To qualify for such services, members should fill in a certain form that records their details.

And anyone who consults a professional learns how to build new eating habits, within a certain period of time.

However, virtual consultations are not included in the core program — they are featured in another program.

Speaking of which, the Weight Watchers website has three different pricing packages. Not to mention, everything is offered under a tiered pricing model.

What we like about Weight Watchers membership site:

Separate programs to complement the main program
Intuitive design
A wide range of payment plans that are ideal for multiple types of members
A shop for selling related resources and products
Free insights for attracting members to the site

13.Knit It Now

Knit It Now

By offering high-quality courses, the Knit It Now membership site improves the knitting skills of various knitters.

And the good thing about this site is that it features a testimonial section, with different reviews from members who took the knitting courses. Obviously, the testimonial section markets the membership program to prospects to boost the site's customer traction.

The home page also has a program overview section, which gives prospects some insight into the whole membership program.

This site has two membership options, which are billed on an annual basis.

What We Like:

A testimonial section for marketing courses
The simple pricing model
A membership trial period that lasts for 5 days
A ‘tour’ section that gives leads some insight into the whole course
User-friendly and simple design

14.Vibrant Music Teaching

Knit It Now

The Vibrant Music Teaching site is a suitable platform for music teachers who want to learn how to organize their content into a structured course.

Anyone who has learned about music can subscribe to this program. For starters, it teaches musicians how to monetize their skills.

The testimonial section features videos of the current members, reviewing the course.

Besides that, the vibrant music teaching membership site has a recurring payment model - members can pay on a monthly basis or annual basis, based on their personal preferences.

What We Like:

A testimonial section, featuring a video of previous and current members
Simple and effective layout
Testimonial section
A simple payment model
Videos for attracting new members

Takeaways for your membership site

Hopefully these membership site examples have given you some ideas and guidance on what works for a successful membership website in 2024.  

Here are a few of our favourite takeaways to consider:

Testimonials are quite effective in building trust - you should feature them on your membership website.
Adjust your payment models, based on the number of resources that you are offering.
A user-friendly design can easily attract members to your membership site.
Free resources will hook prospects and leads.

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