10 LearnWorlds Alternatives: An In-Depth Guide for 2024

Thinking of using LearnWorlds for your online course business? Before you do, we recommend checking out these LearnWorlds alternatives to see if it's the best fit.

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By Joanna Taylor  •  Updated 5 April 2024

LearnWorlds Alternatives

Becoming an online educator and growing your own information based business has never been simpler thanks to the myriad of online online course platforms and learning management systems (LMS) available.

One popular online course and membership platforms that you might have heard is Learnworlds. 

In this article, we’ll look at what Learnworlds is and also give you 10 Learnworlds alternatives that you can also check out.

What is LearnWorlds?

LearnWorlds is an online course platform on which users can create customized e-learning environments and create video courses, quizzes, assignments and more.

The main idea of Learnwords is to help teachers and educators create a more engaging and interactive learning environment, while making learning fun for the users.

LearnWorlds Alternatives

LearnWorlds Pros

Interactive learning: The core idea of LearnWorlds is to offer a more interactive way of learning. The platform boasts features like quizzes, discussions and assignments to create a more engaging teaching environment.
Customization: If you want to brand your online course, LearnWorlds offers extensive customization options to make your course website your own.
Payment and checkout options: LearnWorlds supports a wide range of payment gateways, making it a great choice to sell your online course directly on the platform.
Marketing tools: With LearnWorlds, you can also take advantage of built-in marketing tools such as email marketing and affiliate marketing, which can help you reach a wider audience.
Analytics & reporting: Analytics and reporting tools can help you when it comes to knowing more about your visitors and how you can make your courses even better.

LearnWorlds Cons

No Free Plan: Unlike some other platforms, LearnWorlds doesn’t offer a free plan. However, there is a 30-day free trial for most pricing tiers
Pricing: LearnWorlds base plan starts from $29/month but also charges $5 per course sale. The next tier jumps to $85/month - so it can get expensive fast.
Transaction Fees: Unfortunately, there is a $5/course sale transaction fee on the lower tier, which only adds to the pricing problem on LearnWorlds.
Steeper Learning Curve: The platform has a steeper learning curve, especially for someone new to creating online courses and e-learning.
Limited Integrations: Although the platform integrates with the more popular tools like Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel, ZenDesk, SumoMe, Mailchimp and more, it could use more integrations.

Now that we’ve seen what this LMS has to offer, let’s take a look at some of the best LearnWorlds alternatives.

10 Best LearnWorlds Alternatives

Now, let's explore 12 great Thinkific alternatives below. For each of the platforms we've featured, we cover their individual pros and cons and the key differences when considering them as a LearnWorlds alternative.

1. Kajabi

Kajabi is a popular online platform for memberships and creating and selling courses and digital products.

Kajabi LearnWorlds Alternatives

Kajabi Pros:

It’s an All-in-One Platform: Kajabi has everything you need to create, market and sell your digital products, meaning you can fully rely on it to build and run your online business
Plenty of Training Resources: The Kajabi’s training resource, Kajabi University, offers hundreds of videos, along with downloadable resources and easy-to-follow instructions, making creating online courses a breeze
Beginner Friendly: Finally, Kajabi is very forgiving to first-time course creators and website builders. You don’t need to know about coding, plus you can always get help from the active community via real-time chat, 1:1 calls, or from the 24/7 customer support

Kourses Pros

Integrations Cost Extra: Unfortunately, if you want to add some extra tools and features, you’ll have to pay extra to add them
Expensive Pricing Plans and No Free Plan Available: With the cheapest plan (Basic) costing $149/month and no free plan available, Kajabi can be a strain on your budget. It does, however, have a free trial, but it’s only 14 days and requires a credit card number
Can’t Sell Physical Products: At least not directly through Kajabi, that is. The platform is designed for selling digital products and courses, so you will need to integrate with Shopify or similar if you want to sell physical products

LearnWorlds vs Kajabi: Key Differences

Here are the biggest differences between LearnWorlds and Kajabi:

  • Kajabi is an all-in-one-platform, while LearnWorlds offers more integrations
  • LearnWorlds offers more customization. For example, you can’t customize Kajabi’s mobile app to your brand
  • Editing the HTML code on Kajabi is possible only on the Pro plan (which is the most expensive). On LearnWorlds, it’s possible to edit code on all plans
  • LearnWorlds also offers more interactive features (like an interactive video editor) than Kajabi
  • Finally, you can add order bumps (advertising another offer to the customer on checkout) on Kajabi, but not on LearnWorlds.

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2. Thinkific

Thinkific is a beginner-friendly and scalable platform for creating, selling and marketing your online courses. It also boasts plenty of customization options and creation tools.

Thinkific LearnWorlds Alternatives

Thinkific Pros

All-in-One Platform: Thinkific is a true all-in-one online learning platform that offers hosting, course management, payment handling and more
Free Plan: Unlike most other course platforms, Thinkific offers a free plan, which you can use for one course
Great Resource Center: Between the Thinkific Academy, Thinkific App Store and AI tools, the platform offers a plethora of useful resources for educators and course creators

Thinkific Cons

No Email Marketing Tool Available: If you need one, you’ll have to use a third-party tool as Thinkific doesn’t have one of its own
Lacks Customer Support Options: Thinkific only offers email support, no live chat
The Affiliate Interface isn’t Robust Enough: If you’re looking to convert students into affiliates, the affiliate platform might not be robust enough for you

LearnWorlds vs Thinkific: Key Differences

Here are the biggest differences between LearnWorlds and Thinkific:

  • LearnWorlds offers a 30-day free trial on most of its plans, while Thinkific has a free plan

  • With LearnWorlds, you can build a mobile app for your course on higher-tiered plans (costs extra)

  • When creating quizzes and assessments you’re limited to two question options. On LearnWorlds, you have 16

  • LearnWorlds has a more advanced course creator

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3. Teachable

Teachable is another quality online course creation platform that also allows users to sell digital products and offer coaching.

Teachable alternative

Teachable Pros:

All-in-One Platform: Teachable has pretty much all you need to build, market and sell your online courses, so you don’t need extra tools
Plenty of Marketing Options: The platform offers a lot of ways to market your courses to your target audience, including email marketing, affiliate marketing and more
Free Plan: While the free plan is limited somewhat, nevertheless it’s good that it’s there.

Teachable Cons:

Transaction Fees: The lower-tier plans include a transaction fee. For the free plan this comes to $1 + 10% transaction fee. Their basic plan still charges 5% fees + $39/month.
Limited Support Options: Teachable has email and chat support, but we’d love to see phone support there as well.
Limited Language Support: If your course is in any other language than English, Teachable is not for you.

LearnWorlds vs Teachable: Key Differences

Here are the biggest differences between LearnWorlds and Teachable:

  • Teachable offers a free plan. LearnWorlds does not.
  • You can build custom apps on LearnWorlds with your own branding on higher tiers. While Teachable has an app on all plans, you can’t brand it to your site
  • LearnWorlds does not have email marketing. Teachable has email marketing on higher plans
  • LearnWorlds offers more website templates
  • LearnWorlds has a community for students, Teachable doesn’t

4. Podia

Podia is an all-in-one platform for selling digital products, community memberships, online courses and more. It includes a website builder, online course builder, webinars, e-commerce features and more.

Podia Alternative to LearnWorlds

Podia Pros

Free Plan: If you’re just starting and don’t have or want to invest a lot of cash, Podia’s free plan is great for beginners
Digital Product Support: You can sell all kinds of digital products on Podia, from courses, to coaching, to downloadable files and more
Beginner Friendly: Podia is very beginner-friendly and has an easy-to-use interface

Podia Cons:

No Mobile App: Unfortunately, there’s no mobile app
No physical products support: Podia doesn’t support selling physical products and has no features like shipping and the like
Not Flexible Enough: It has limited customization options compared to some other platforms of the kind

LearnWorlds vs Podia: Key Differences

Here are the biggest differences between LearnWorlds vs Podia:

  • No transaction fees on Podia. On LearnWorlds, there is a $5/course fee on the lowest plan
  • Podia has no app, while LearnWorlds offers a custom app on the Learning Center plan (for an extra fee)
  • LearnWorlds doesn’t have a free plan, while Podia has
  • Piodia doesn’t have an e-book builder (you’d need to upload it as a digital download), while LearnWorlds has
  • LearnWorlds has no email marketing on either plan, Podia has on its Shaker plan (highest plan)

Podia Alternatives

Considering Podia? We've done extensive research into a range of the best Podia alternatives for you to check out while you're looking for alternatives to Podia.

5. Ruzuku

Ruzuku styles itself as the “easiest LMS to build your online course on” and that you can create a course in 2 hours or less.

Ruzuku Alternative to LearnWorlds

Ruzuku Pros

Ease of Use: “Easiest platform to build an online course on” is more than just marketing when it comes to Ruzuku.
Lots of Engagement and Interaction Features: Engagement and interaction are clearly a top priority for Ruzuku and include plenty of features to make learning more fun and active
Great Scalability: All plans, including the Free, have unlimited courses and the paid plans (Core and Pro) also have unlimited students

Ruzuku Cons

Not Enough Integrations: Ruzuku is somewhat limited in terms of 3rd-party tool integrations, especially with some more advanced integrations
Lacks Marketing Features: While we appreciate the focus on engagement, some more marketing features to bring your course or digital product in front of the target audience would be great
Few Sales Tools: Same as with marketing, there’s just not enough built-in sales tools when you compare Ruzuku with other LMS platforms

LearnWorlds vs Ruzuku: Key Differences

Here are the biggest differences between LearnWorlds and Ruzuku:

  • LearnWorlds offers a much greater degree of customization and branding, while Ruzuku is more focused on engagement
  • They have different pricing models. LearnWorlds pricing is based on the number of courses or features that each plan offers, while Ruzuku is based on the number of active students you have
  • LearnWorlds has more marketing and sales tools available
  • Ruzuku has fewer advanced integrations to offer
  • While LearnWorlds puts a strong emphasis on engagement and student interaction, Ruzuku is an even better choice for peer-to-peer learning

6. Mighty Networks

Mighty Networks promises that it will help “your course grow faster”. The LMS allows users to create digital communities and sell memberships, courses and other digital products through it, as well as create member events, live stream and more

Mighty Networks Ruzuku Alternative to LearnWorlds

Mighty Network Pros:

User-Friendly: You don’t need to have any technical skills to use Mighty Networks as everything is very user-friendly and intuitive
Lots of Features: The platform is rich in features to choose from to build your community and create and sell courses
Monetization Options: Plenty of monetization options are available and you can set your own prices

Mighty Networks Cons:

No Free Plan: Mighty Networks doesn’t have a Free Plan and the lowest Community plan is also more expensive than what most competitors offer
No Integrations: You can only use Zapier if you want to connect 3rd-party apps and even that is limited and available only on higher plans
Can’t Migrate Communities from Other Platforms: Mighty Networks also lacks any tools or features that would allow you to easily migrate a community from other platforms

LearnWorlds vs Mighty Networks Key Differences

Here are the biggest differences between LearnWorlds and Mighty Networks:

  • Mobile apps are available on all Mighty Networks plans, but only on Learning Center (most expensive) on LearnWorlds
  • Creating online courses is possible on all LearnWorlds plans, but only on the Business plan for Mighty Networks
  • LearnWorlds offers 30+ integrations. With Mighty Networks you have to use Zapier instead
  • Mighty Networks is more community-oriented
  • Mighty Networks has no way to natively add quizzes or assessments

7. Passion.io

Passion.io is an app-based Learning Management System that allows you to create and sell courses, create communities and schedule coaching through a custom app.

Udemy Alternative

Passion.io Pros:

Easy to Use: Passion.io doesn’t require any coding or technical knowledge to create your custom app. You can do it all with the drag-and-drop tool.
No Revenue Sharing: Passion.io doesn’t make you share your revenue from course sales like similar platforms
Push Notifications: You can also use push notifications (1000/month on the lowest tier) to engage your users

Passion.io Cons

Transaction Fee: There is a transaction fee on all plans of 3.9%
Price: The pricing is also significantly higher than on other LMSs (the lowest plan costs $79/month)
Customization: It also lacks customization options, especially for layouts and designs

LearnWorlds vs Passion.io Key Differences

Here are the biggest differences between LearnWorlds and Passion.io:

  • With LearnWorlds you can create both an app and a website, while you can only create an app on Passion.io
  • Passion.io offers an app for all plans, while LearnWorlds only on the more expensive ones
  • LearnWorlds has more advanced course creation
  • LearnWorlds is also more interactive

8. Systeme.io

Systeme advertises itself as the “world's easiest all-in-one marketing platform. It allows you to build websites, create online courses, create sales funnels, and more.

Systeme Alternative to LearnWorlds

Systeme.io Pros:

Free Plan: Systeme offers a Free plan for 1 course 1 community, but with an unlimited number of students
All-in-One Platform: This is also an all-in-one solution and includes almost everything you need to build, sell and market your online course
Automation: You can automate almost every marketing task on this platform and also create sales funnels and email marketing sequences

Systeme.io Cons:

Limited Templates: The website and funnel templates are there, but are a bit limited compared to other platforms
Steeper Learning Curve: If you are new to marketing automation and sales funnels, the learning curve can be steep
Low Scalability: Systeme.io is a good choice for individuals and small businesses, but not as much as your business grows

LearnWorlds vs Systeme.io Key Differences:

Here are the key differences between LearnWorlds and Systeme.io:

  • Systeme.io doesn’t have transaction fees even on its Free plan, while the fee on LearnWorlds is $5 per transaction on the Starter plan
  • You can create a custom and branded app on LearnWorlds for an extra charge. This is not possible on Systeme.io
  • Systeme.io is more marketing-focused than LearnWorlds
  • You can create order bumps on System.io, but not on LearnWorlds
  • LearnWorlds doesn’t have a free plan

9. LearnDash

LearnDash is a learning management system and plugin for WordPress that allows you to create and host online courses.

Learndash LearnWorlds alternative

LearnDash Pros:

WordPress Integration: As a WP-focused platform, LearnDash has excellent integration with the popular Content Management System
Memberships and Subscriptions: It’s also quite easy to manage your memberships and subscriptions with the platform through a number of available features it offers
Customization: Finally, there are also a lot of customization options available and the solution is very flexible with what it will allow you to create

LearnDash Cons:

Analytics: You only get basic analytics and reporting, however, we would prefer some more advanced features available
Learning Curve: If you are new to Learning Management Systems or WordPress in general, LearnDash can be a bit confusing
eCommerce Features: There are no built-in eCommerce features and if you want to, for example, sell your course directly, you’ll need to use a 3rd-party app
Requires hosting and WordPress: An advantage to some might be a disadvantage to others. The flexibility of WordPress also means additional costs in hosting.

LearnWorlds vs LearnDash Key Differences

Here are the key differences between LearnWorlds and LearnDash:

  • LearnDash has a license-based pricing model, while LearnWorlds is based on the number of active students and courses.
  • LearnWorlds offers more customization options, such as branding, templates, etc.
  • The learning curve is steeper on LearnDash, while LearnWorlds is more user-friendly.
  • You have to manage your own hosting on LearnDash. This is all done for you with LearnWorlds.
  • LearnDash is a self-hosted WP plugin, while LearnWorlds is a hosted LMS platform.

10. TalentLMS

Talent LMS is a cloud-based online course selling and building platform known for its high degree of flexibility and scalability, making it a good choice for everything from small businesses to large enterprises.

Talent LMS - A LearnWorlds Alternative

Talent LMS Pros:

Scalability: If you have a small team or run a large company, Talent LMS offers great scalability and can easily adapt to the needs of your business as it grows
Interface: The interface is very user-friendly, allowing you to easily navigate the platform and create online courses
Content Support: It also supports a wide range of content types, including multimedia, quizzes and more

Talent LMS Cons:

Expensive: The cheapest plan (Starter) costs $69/month
No Unlimited Users: While most online course platforms offer unlimited users at least on higher plans, Talent LMS limits you to 1,000 users even on its $459/month Premium plan
Lacks Advanced Marketing Features: The solution also lacks more sales and marketing advanced features, so you‘d need to integrate 3rd-party tools for that

LearnWorlds vs Talent LMS Key Differences

Here are the biggest differences between LearnWorlds and Talent LMS:

  • LearnWorlds has a pricing model based on the number of active students and course enrollment, while Talent LMS has one based on the number of users (learners, instructors and admins)
  • Talent LMS is an employee training and corporate learning-focused platform, while LearnWorlds is oriented to online course creation
  • LearnWorlds offers more advanced marketing and sales features
  • Talent LMS has fewer customization options and features available compared to LearnWorlds

LearnWorlds Alternatives: Our Recommendation

No LMS is a perfect fit for everyone. While LearnWorlds has plenty to offer, it may not be what you need to create and sell your online course. Check out some of these LearnWorlds alternatives to find what best suits your needs.

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