11 Effective Website Pop Up Examples That Convert

Looking for a great way to attract attention to your promotions, offers and lead magnets on your website? Look no further than these website popup examples.

Joanna Taylor

By Joanna Taylor  •  Updated 15 April 2024

Website Pop Up Examples

Have you ever wondered how some websites effortlessly captivate visitors and convert them into loyal customers while others struggle to make a lasting impression?

Part of the answer lies in the best website pop up examples—a strategy you can use to hit your conversion targets.

Website pop up examples are persuasive elements that can make or break the user experience, determining whether a fleeting visitor becomes a committed follower or a lost opportunity.

Keep reading to discover 11 of the best website pop ups you can lean on for inspiration to craft your own.

What are Website Pop Ups?

Website pop ups are interactive elements that appear on a webpage, typically to capture a visitor's attention for a specific purpose.

These purposes can vary between encouraging sign-ups, prompting visitors to download a resource, or simply providing important announcements.

Pop ups appear based on specific triggers, such as when a visitor is about to leave the site (exit-intent pop ups) or when scrolling through content. While pop ups can be highly effective in lead generation, they must be used carefully to avoid disrupting user experience.

For example, displaying a pop up on landing pages can be more effective. In fact, 76% of pop up users display them for visitors immediately upon landing on the website.

Here are the features to keep in mind when integrating pop ups into your website:

Appearance Options: Make sure to consider adjustable appearance options of the pop up such as design, size, and colors to blend with your brand’s aesthetic.
Functionality: Make it easier for pop ups to disappear when needed. They can appear as small windows, full-screen takeovers, side sliders, or opt-in bars.
Campaign Goals: Align your pop up campaigns with your overarching objectives like collecting email addresses, promoting special offers, and gathering feedback.
Trigger Mechanisms: Use the right mechanism such as as timed pop ups, scroll-in, and exit intent control to optimize user experience.
Call-to-Action: Create a clear CTA, guiding users toward further engagement and conversions.

Types of Website Pop ups

Depending on your popup campaign goals, you can use different kinds of pop ups on your website to drive conversions or specific user actions.

Website pop up types include the following:

Welcome pop ups: Greet visitors with a warm message or offer upon arrival on the homepage, enticing them to explore and go further into the buyer’s journey.
Email Newsletter pop ups: Prompt visitors to become your email subscribers, expanding the email list for future marketing campaigns.
Lead Capture pop ups: Capture valuable lead information through forms or gated content which can then be used for follow-up communication.
Exit Intent pop ups: Detect when a visitor is about to leave and display a targeted message or offer to encourage them to stay or convert.
Discount pop ups: Offer exclusive discounts or promotions to incentivize immediate action, and are often quite effective in growing sales.
Cart Abandonment pop ups: Remind users of items left in their cart and encourage them to complete their purchase, reducing cart abandonment rates.
Upsell pop ups: Encourage users to buy a more expensive, related product or opt for a bundle offer.
Product Recommendation pop ups: Suggest related products based on user preferences or browsing history. This is particularly relevant for eCommerce brands and other online stores.
Survey pop ups: Gather feedback from visitors to improve website usability, product offerings, and overall customer satisfaction.
SMS pop ups: Collect phone numbers for SMS marketing campaigns, providing another avenue for reaching customers.
Spin-to-Win pop ups: Gamify the user experience by offering a chance to win prizes or discounts using a spin-wheel strategy.

How Do Website Pop ups Work?

Understanding how website pop up examples work can help you optimize your own.

Website pop-ups work by appearing over the content of a webpage, aiming to capture the visitor's attention for a specific action or message. They're typically triggered by specific behaviors or conditions set by the website owner. Here’s a breakdown of how they function:

Yes/No pop ups: These pop ups present visitors with a simple choice - a “yes” or “no” option. They’re easy and effective, prompting users to make a decision quickly and easily.
Gamified pop ups: Adding an element of fun and excitement, gamified pop ups engage users with interactive games or challenges. From spin-to-win wheels to scratch cards, these pop ups turn browsing into a playful adventure.
Floating Bar pop ups: Floating bars are subtle yet attention-grabbing, appearing as a sleek bar that hovers at the top or bottom of the screen. They’re perfect for displaying important announcements, promotions, or calls-to-action without interrupting the browsing experience.
Full-Screen pop ups: For maximum impact, full-screen pop ups take over the entire screen, ensuring that visitors’ attention is fully focused on the message or offer presented. They’re ideal for showcasing visually rich content, such as product launches or special promotions.
Scroll Triggered pop ups: These pop ups gracefully slide into view as visitors scroll down the page, catching their attention at just the right moment. By appearing in sync with the user’s browsing behavior, scroll in pop ups feel natural and non-intrusive.
Lightbox pop ups: Lightbox pop ups overlay the webpage with a semi-transparent background, drawing the visitor’s attention to the message or offer presented in the center. They create a focal point on the screen while still allowing users to see the underlying content.

11 Website Pop up Examples

Now that you know the elements of a website pop up and the different types you can use, it’s time to dive into the best ones in the digital marketing space.

The below list covers 11 website pop up examples, each with varying intent but the end goal remains the same across all: to drive conversions.

1. Duradry

Duradry is a leading brand specializing in antiperspirant products designed to combat excessive sweating and provide long-lasting freshness for individuals.

With a variety of related products available, there are ample opportunities for upselling.

Goal of the pop up: Duradry utilizes an upsell pop up on its website to encourage customers to add similar and related products to their cart, with the aim of increasing average order value and maximizing sales

Duradry Website Pop Up Example

What Duradry Does Right:

FOMO with Timer Countdown: The pop up incorporates a timer countdown, creating a sense of urgency and fear of missing out (FOMO) among customers. This motivates them to make a quick decision and take advantage of the upsell offer before time runs out.
Maximizing A La Carte Sales: By encouraging customers to add more items to their cart through upselling, Duradry maximizes a la carte sales and increases the overall value of each transaction.
Options for Related Items: The pop up presents customers with options to add a variety of related products instantly to their cart, making it convenient for them to explore additional offerings and make complementary purchases.

Duradry’s upsell pop up is a great idea of how to contribute to long-term customer retention and brand loyalty, ultimately driving growth and success.

2. CoSchedule

CoSchedule is a popular marketing calendar tool, particularly in the SaaS space. It’s designed to help businesses organize and manage their marketing efforts.

Being in marketing themselves, it’s no surprise the company excels at leveraging pop ups to drive lead engagement.

Goal of the pop up: CoSchedule takes advantage of an exit intent pop up on its homepage to encourage visitors to sign up for a free calendar trial, consolidating all their marketing activities in one place.

CoSchedule Website Pop Up Examples

What CoSchedule Does Right:

Engaging Preview: The pop up provides a glimpse of the tool’s interface, giving visitors a visual understanding of its capabilities and benefits.
A Clear pop up CTA Button: The button invites visitors to take action by signing up for the free calendar trial, making the next steps clear and straightforward.
Alignment with Visitor Intent: By appearing upon exit intent, the pop up targets visitors who may be considering leaving the site, effectively capturing their attention and reeling them back in.

It’s pretty clear that CoSchedule knows how to use design elements and strategic timing to engage visitors and encourage them to explore the benefits of their free tools, ultimately inciting user adoption.

3. Glossier

Glossier is a renowned beauty brand known for its innovative skincare and makeup products.

While known for having regular sales and discounts, they don’t fail in getting that message up front and center through a catchy pop up.

Goal of the pop up: Glossier uses a discount pop up on its website with the goal of enticing visitors to make a purchase by offering them a special discount.

Website Pop Up Examples - Glossier

What Glossier Does Right:

Immediate Engagement: The pop up appears instantly upon arriving on the site, grabbing visitors’ attention and encouraging immediate action.
Compelling Messaging: The text “You deserve it” is catchy, simple, and emotionally resonant. It drives the intent for self-care and some pampering.
Clear Opt-Out Option: The pop up includes an option to opt-out and decline the offer, making sure that visitors who are not interested can easily dismiss the pop up without feeling pressured or intruded upon.

Simple but attractive, Glossier’s discount pop up is a great example to draw inspiration from if you want to offer savings to your audience in a conversion-friendly way.

4. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is a popular retail brand offering trendy clothing, accessories, and home decor items aimed at a youthful demographic.

As such, they keep their pop ups relevant to the interests of the audience they’re trying to draw in and don’t waste the shopper’s time.

Goal of the pop up: Urban Outfitters uses an email newsletter pop up on its website to encourage visitors to sign up for their newsletter while offering a discount as an incentive.

Urban Outfitters - Website Pop Up Examples

What Urban Outfitters Does Right:

Strategic Timing: The pop up appears only when visitors are browsing through the selection of products, targeting them when they’re already engaged with the brand’s products.
Incentivized Sign-Up: By combining the email newsletter sign-up with a discount offer, the pop up provides immediate value to visitors, encouraging them to share their information in exchange for savings.
Optional Mobile Number Field: Including the mobile number as optional reduces pressure on visitors, allowing them to provide only the information they’re comfortable sharing.

Urban Outfitter’s pop up features a clean and simple design aesthetic, maintaining consistency with the brand style while offering value in a straightforward manner.

5. Isabelle Grace

Isabelle Grace is an online jewelry store specializing in modern personalized and everyday jewelry crafted in 14kt gold fill and sterling silver.

Jewelry usually comes with the tag “expensive” in most consumer’s minds which is why the optional pop up is instantly attractive to any visitor by dismantling this notion.

Goal of the pop up: Isabelle Grace uses a spin-to-win pop up on its website with the aim of engaging visitors and offering them attractive savings while collecting valuable lead information.

Isabelle Grace Website Pop Up Example

What Isabelle Grace Does Right:

Constant Accessibility: The pop up is always available on the left side of the screen through a convenient pull-out tab/button, making it easily accessible to visitors as they navigate the website.
Enticing Savings: By offering a spin-to-win feature with many discount options, the pop up provides visitors with the opportunity to win attractive savings or discounts. No matter the result, they are a winner.
Lead Collection: The pop up embeds an email input field necessary for participation, allowing Isabelle Grace to collect lead information for future email marketing initiatives.

The spin-to-win feature adds an interactive element to the browsing experience. It’s a great addition, especially if you’re selling more luxury items like jewelry.

6. Sundays for Dogs

Sundays for Dogs offers completely customizable food delivery plans for dog food, making fresh dog food easy and more nutritious

Being a very niche business, they use pop ups to cater specifically to the careful and cautious interests of the pet owner demographic.

Goal of the pop up: Sundays for Dogs employs a pop up on its homepage with the goal of recommending products to visitors and offering them a free sample to experience the quality of their dog food.

Sundays for Dog Website Pop Up Examples

What Sunday For Dogs Gets Right:

Pet-Friendly Imagery: Featuring a pet-friendly picture in the pop up creates an emotional connection with visitors and resonates with their love for their furry companions.
Variety of Sample Choices: For visitors interested in claiming the free sample, they are redirected to choose from four different samples, providing them with options and variety to suit their dogs’ preferences and dietary needs.
Timely Appearance: It pops up on the homepage after a couple of seconds, ensuring that visitors have had a chance to explore the site before being presented with the offer.

While claiming a free sample is offered, it’s totally optional. Sunday For Dogs also gives visitors the choice to proceed without committing to anything immediately.

7. Incu

Incu is a curated retailer offering a selection of men’s and women’s clothing, footwear, and accessories sourced from around the world.

Being a clothes e-tailer, gathering information on their demographic can help cater better to their shopping interests.

Goal of the pop up: Incu uses a lead capture popup on its website to collect valuable customer information, including emails, names, and shopping preferences, with the aim of creating personalized email campaigns and enhancing the shopping experience.

 Website Pop Up Example Incu

What Incu Gets Right:

Transparency and Value Proposition: The pop up clearly mentions the benefits of signing up, informing visitors that by providing their information, they’ll receive exclusive offers, early access to sales, and updates on new arrivals, effectively incentivizing sign-ups.
Integration with Email Campaigns: By collecting customer data through the pop up, Incu can integrate this information into their email campaigns, allowing for personalized communication and targeted promotions tailored to each individual’s preferences.
Optimized for Conversion: The pop up is strategically timed and placed on the website to maximize visibility and encourage conversions, ensuring that visitors are prompted to sign up at opportune moments.

Incu’s lead capture pop up is an example of how you can go beyond simply collecting emails by capturing additional customer information and clearly communicating the value of signing up.

8. PRESS Healthfoods

PRESS Healthfoods is a leading provider of fresh and nutritious cold-pressed juices, juice cleanses, and healthy foods in the UK.

Working in a niche within the food space, using effective pop ups can help draw in and convert long-term, health-conscious prospects.

Goal of the pop up: PRESS Healthfoods uses welcome pop up on its website to greet new visitors, capture leads, and offer a discount as a double incentive to encourage engagement and conversions.

PRESS Healthfoods  Website Pop Up Examples Incu

What PRESS Healthfoods Gets Right:

Triple Goal: The pop up serves multiple purposes by welcoming new visitors, capturing and generating leads through email sign-up, and offering a discount, maximizing its effectiveness in engaging and incentivizing potential customers.
Compelling Brand Visuals: Incorporating high-quality images showcasing the product helps capture visitors’ attention and communicates the quality and appeal of PRESS Healthfoods’ offerings while promoting the brand voice.
User-Friendly Design: The pop up features a user-friendly design that is visually appealing and easy to interact with.

PRESS Healthfoods’ is setting the stage for a positive and rewarding customer experience by creating a three-pronged pop up. This shows you can still get more with less.

9. Pandora

Pandora is a renowned jewelry store specializing in rings and necklaces, offering a wide range of high-quality and stylish accessories.

Given the premium nature of their products, urging customers into expensive purchases can be trickier but Pandora does it well.

Goal of the pop up: Pandora utilizes a cart abandonment pop up on its website to entice customers who have items in their cart but have not yet completed their purchase, to encourage them to finalize their transaction.

Pandora  Website Pop Up Example

What Pandora Gets Right:

Personalized Compliment: The pop up compliments the user for their taste based on the products they’ve selected, adding a personal touch that resonates with customers and makes them feel appreciated.
Creating Scarcity: Pandora creates a sense of urgency by informing the visitor about the number of other people currently viewing the item in their cart. This tactic instills a fear of missing out (FOMO) and motivates the customer to act quickly to secure the desired product.
Encouraging Action: The pop up serves as a subtle reminder to customers about the items in their cart, nudging them towards completing their purchase.

Pandora’s cart abandonment pop up effectively leverages personalized compliments, scarcity tactics, and user-friendly design to re-engage customers who have abandoned their carts, driving sales for the brand.

10. Google Meet

Google Meet is a video conferencing platform developed by Google, designed to facilitate virtual meetings and collaboration among individuals and teams.

Dominating in the space doesn’t mean G-Meet takes its users feedback lightly and it shows in the survey pop ups they use.

Goal of the pop up: Google Meet leverages a survey pop up to gather feedback from users on the quality of their meeting experience, with the objective of improving the platform’s functionality and user satisfaction.

Google Meet Website Pop Up Example

What Google Meet Gets Right:

User-Friendly Interface: The pop up form employs a user-friendly ranking system that allows individuals to rate their experience easily. This enables users to provide feedback efficiently and effectively, without requiring extensive time or effort.
Clear Understanding of Sentiments: By collecting quantitative data through rankings, Google Meet gains valuable insights into user satisfaction levels and identifies areas for improvement, enabling the platform to enhance its usability based on user feedback.
Timely Delivery: The survey pop up is delivered right after users exit a meeting, taking advantage of their engaged and action-oriented state.

Google Meet’s timing in their survey pop up increases the likelihood of receiving valuable feedback while users’ experiences are still fresh in their minds.

11. Anthropologie

Anthropologie is a well-known American clothing store with over 200 stores worldwide, offering a diverse range of clothing, jewelry, home furniture, decoration, beauty, and gifts.

Free shipping is a huge bonus for such brands and Anthropologie takes advantage of that incentive well.

Goal of the pop up: Anthropologie leverages an SMS pop up to incentivize customers to sign up for their text messaging program, offering free shipping on the customer’s next order.

Anthropologie Website Pop Up Example

Conclusion and Key Takeaways

Used right, website pop ups offer a direct line to your audience’s hearts (and wallets!).

To recap, here are a few best practices you need to remember from the best website pop up examples we’ve seen above. Integrate this into your own website pop ups checklist so you can make the best of your pop up campaigns:

Time It Right: Just like a perfectly brewed cup of coffee, timing is everything with pop ups. Catch your visitors at the perfect moment, whether it’s when they first land, right before they leave, or after they’ve shown interest in something valuable that you offer.
Sweeten the Deal: People love a good bargain, so why not treat them to something special? Whip up some irresistible offers, discounts, or exclusive goodies to make your pop ups impossible to resist.
Eye Candy is Key: Make sure your pop ups are visually stunning and easy on the eyes. After all, no one wants to be bombarded with an eyesore on their screen.
Make it Personal: One size fits all? Not in the world of pop ups! Get personal with your audience by tailoring your messages and offers to their interests and preferences.
Test, Test, Test: The only way to know what works best for your audience is to test it out. Experiment with different designs, messages, and offers to find the winning combo that’ll have your visitors clicks increasing and converting like crazy.

So what are you waiting for?

Unleash the power of website pop ups in your own marketing strategy and see your conversions soar today.

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