Best Pensight Alternatives for 2024

Explore top Pensight alternatives to enhance your mentoring experience. Compare various options for features, affordability, and more to find your fit.

Joanna Taylor

By Joanna Taylor  •  Updated 19 February, 2024

Best Pensight Alternatives

If you’re a creator looking to monetize your social media profiles through link-in-bio tools, you might have come across Pensight.

It’s a tool that allows you to create a simple page you can use to sell your products and services through your social media profile links, for example from your Instagram account.

Pensight includes a range of tools for creators, but they do charge a transaction fee on all their plans, and this can mount up as you scale your business.

In this article, we’ll share 6 Pensight alternatives you might like to consider, including their advantages and disadvantages, pricing, and everything else you’ll need to know.

Top Pensight Alternatives: A Quick Overview

Here’s our breakdown of our top pensight alternatives for you to consider. We’ll cover each in more detail later in this article:

What is Pensight? [Pros & Cons Discussed]

Pensight is a link in bio tool that you can use to convert social media links into a digital store. Although it’s popular with creators just getting started, there are some disadvantages when you look deeper into this platform.

Pensight Landing Page

Let’s take a look into Pensight and how their features break down:

Pensight Features

Easy to Use

Pensight is ideal for non-technical course creators. It allows you to create courses with minimal technical expertise. Also, you can perform materials uploading, assessment creation, and student management using this platform.

Flexible Customization

Pensight offers flexible customization features. It allows you to have custom domain names for your course business.

If you want to create customized forms, you can also do that with Pensight. It also provides customizable link-in-bio pages, themes, and individual page customization.

Secure Payment Processing

Pensight offers secure and efficient payment processing. While other link in bio tool only offers payment either in USD, Euro, or Pound currency, you will be able to receive payment in your preferred currency with Pensight.

Versatile Platform

Pensight is a multi-functional platform that allows creators to offer a range of products to their audience.

Alongside paid video consultancy, you can sell all kinds of digital products (PDFs, videos, templates, podcasts, and guides), run coaching sessions or create simple membership pages.

Cons of Pensight:

Limited Payment Gateways

A limitation of Pensight is it only has one payment gateway option which is Stripe.

In order to cater to a wider range of customers a platform will benefit from having multiple payment gateway options such as PayPal.

Expensive Pricing

Pensight does offer a free plan for beginners or individual creators. This free plan includes basics that a creator could use to get started, but more indepth features to scale features are either missing or require a Pro upgrade. however the features of the free plan

Pensight Pricing

Unless you sign up for the Pro or Biz subscription plan Pensight doesn’t allow you to charge your customers using payment plans.

All plans include a 3% transaction fee. We haven’t confirmed whether this is incorporates all stripe fees or whether users would be charged extra.

Complicated Interface

We appreciate its interface and flexible customization, but there might be a learning curve needed for new users. The interface is also not user-friendly.

You have to be careful and have to navigate through all the features before proceeding to customization and setting up for the first time.

Lack of detailed course and membership features

Although Pensight covers a lot of features in their headline feature set, there’s a lack of depth to many of these features.

This means although it might help you get your first course or membership online, you’re going to struggle to scale these offerings without more advanced features growing creator businesses require.

Best Pensight Alternatives for creators

Creators looking to monetize their knowledge need a platform that offers a versatile feature set with room to grow as your business scales.

Although Pensight offers a good range of features for creators, the limitations above mean you might be looking for a more comprehensive solution for your business.

Below, we will discuss the best alternatives to Pensight along with their pros and cons to help you find the right platform for you.

1. Kourses

Kourses is a the best online course and community platform designed for professional creators.

Kourses Landing Page

The focus of Kourses is to help you create and launch beautiful, highly engaging communities, courses and digital products.

This no-code platform gives you all the features you need to:

Launch online courses: Create beautiful online courses that look great. Also includes powerful features like drip release, high speed video hosting, video comments and next lesson autoplay.
Create engaging communities: With streamlined community site design that gives you the power to connect with your audience in a private space.
Memberships: Create unlimited membership tiers and sell access to any or all of your content. Offer upgrades to value added content at the right times to the right audience.
Organise your content with hubs: With Kourses you can create unique content “hubs” that include self-contained course, community, downloads and content in one place. This makes it easier to create content communities and deliver access to the right groups.
Powerful checkout integrations: Integrate with OptimizeCheckouts, Thrivecart and more. Use webhooks to unlock access from almost any other platform.
Third-party CRM connectivity: Add buyers of your content to the most popular CRMs and email service providers without the need for Zapier.
Kourses Landing Page #2

Kourses has been designed with your business growth in mind, and provides the features to help you scale through professional membership sites and content delivery.

With the platform in early release, you can expect regular new feature updates and innovative new features every month.

Kourses Cons:

The only disadvantage that we encountered in Kourses - it’s not a dedicated link in bio tool. If you’re looking for something with specific “link in bio” functionality, this might not be right for you.

If, however, you’re looking to build a scalable online course and community based business, Kourses has everything you need.

Kourses Pricing:

Kourses is currently in early access release. You can sign up to Kourses to be on the waitlist and get notified when the next cohort opens soon.

2. Linktree

Linktree is a popular link-in bio tool and was one of the first to market as Instagram grew in popularity and creators looked to monetize their profiles.

It allows creators to create a landing page with all the important links that they want to share with their audiences.

Linktree Alternative

Linktree has multiple social media templates for creators. You can choose and customize Linktree templates to showcase your digital products on various social media platforms including Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok.

Unfortunately, you can’t monetize your courses on Linktree without integrating with SendOwl. To make money from selling your courses, you can’t solely depend on Linktree, you will need additional tools.

Using Linktree, there’s no way to create a website or professional landing page. Also, you won’t have the flexibility of built-in uploading options for e-books, videos, or other digital products.

Linktree Pricing:

Though it has a free plan, this doesn’t provide significant value beyond the features already available in social media platforms today. 

The “Starter Package” has more features at approx £2.50 ($5) per month, but still doesn’t provide a huge feature set for creators.

The next level is the “Pro Plan” which can cost $7 a month. This does offer a free trial if you’re looking to trial these features. There’s also a premium plan with concierge features.

3. Beacons

Beacons is another link in the bio tool which is worth considering when looking at Pensight alternatives.

Beacons is focused around your link-in-bio page and selling digital products and services through this page, as well as linking out to other resources and sharing content.

The platform provides a range of features for creators to customize their link-in-bio pages and make them look great.

The platform does include the ability to create a simple checkout to sell your digital products. There’s also functionality to offer coaching through the appointments selling feature.

Beacons Landing Page

Beacons Cons:

Beacons allows you to create a great looking link-in-bio page, as well as simple selling features. There are some drawbacks to the platform:

If you try to use Beacons app on mobile, the app isn’t mobile-friendly. Most of the users have reported sudden crashes while opening or running the app. So you’ll need to be prepared to use it on a desktop computer.

The VIP plan pricing (which we discovered is $100/month) isn’t openly stated on their website, which will put some users off. This pricing is provides more 1:1 assistance, which comes as standard with some of their competitors.

Beacons Pricing:

Beacons has 3 packages available -

Marketing Bundle at $30/mo
VIP at $100/mo

4. Stan

Stan store is another link in bio tool. It’s ideally made for digital creators who want to sell their digital goods online through a simple digital store.

Stan Landing Page

If you want to host and sell courses along with membership management features, Stan has a range of features to help you accomplish your goals.

In addition, Stan Store is a link in bio tool allowing you to create a basic landing page without coding skills. This tool offers a simplified landing page creation process for its users as it has a drag and drop webpage building feature.

Stan Store provides analytics data to let its users track their business growth, audience reach, clicks, and sales.

Furthermore, Stan Store does offer integration with MailChimp, Flodesk, ConvertKit, PayPal, and more.

Stan Pricing:

The core offering from Stan is their $29/month plan. This includes the majority of their features which should get most creators on the right path.

Stan charges $99 for its “Creator Pro” package which includes their marketing automation, sales funnels and email marketing features.

Unfortunately, Stan doesn’t have any free plan for its beginner-level users.

5. Later Link in Bio

Later is social media management platform that also includes a simple link in bio tool. The link-in-bio tool is one small component of their feature set, and it’s not a core feature. This means you might find some of the feature set here a little limited.

Later Landing Page

Although there are some nice customization features for your link-in-bio page, there aren’t any features aimed at creators looking to monetize traffic to their link in bio pages.

If you’re looking to sell digital products, courses or memberships, you’ll need to link to an external platform where you’re selling your content as there isn’t anything inside Later that will help with that.

Later Link In Bio Pricing:

Later link in bio comes with 3 different packages -

Starter: $25/mo for 1 user
Growth: $45/mo for 3 users
Advanced: $80/mo for 6 users

Users can enjoy 14 day free trial for each of Later’s packages. Bear in mind if you’re looking for anything more than a way to create a web-presence in a simple way, you’ll be disappointed with this side of Later’s feature set.

5. OptimizePress

OptimizePress has been serving its clients and customers across the globe since 2010. It is a complete tools suite offering a page builder, checkout builder, membership and online course platform for your WordPress site.

You have everything you need inside the OptimizePress suite plan to build and grow powerful website for selling your content, and delivering online courses and memberships without any third-party software.

Creating courses with OptimizePress tools suite is easy because of its beautiful intuitive interface. It comes with a specific course creation templates that you can customize according to your requirements.

OptimizePress Landing Page

As well as OptimizeMentor, OptimizePress includes some amazing tools - OptimizeFunnels, OptimizeBuilder, and OptimizeCheckouts.

This tool is the all-in-one tool you need if you’re building with WordPress and want to sell your content or services online. It has the flexibility to be used for any use case you can think of.

OptimizePress Pricing:

OptimizePress includes 3 packages in terms of features and pricing -

Builder $129/yr
Suite $199/yr
Suite Pro $249/yr

Solo entrepreneurs who want to build a single WordPress website to promote their courses or build a link-in-bio page could can the either Builder plan.

If you’re looking for more advanced feature set to sell and deliver paid content, we’d recommend the Suite plans (starting from $199/year).

Which is the Best Pensight Alternative?

With our discussed Pensight Alternatives, you have a variety of options to choose from.

You need to consider what your individual requirements are, and whether you’re looking to sell digital products, courses, memberships or simply to create a landing page to showcase your business.

If you’re looking for a simple link-in-bio tool that’s priced well, the Beacons free platform will give you a good place to start.

If you’re looking to grow a real business that makes ongoing revenue from digital products, courses and memberships, we recommend Kourses.

If you’re a WordPress fan and already have a website (and like to customize things more), You’ll want to check out the OptimizePress suite which has all the power you need.

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