8 Best Mighty Networks Alternatives to Consider in 2024

Discover the best Mighty Networks alternatives tailored to your needs. Compare features, pricing, and more to choose the right community platform for you.

Joanna Taylor

By Joanna Taylor  •  Updated 5 April 2024

Mighty Networks Alternatives

Are you looking for a course community platform that allows you to build online courses and memberships? If so, you may have come across Mighty Networks.

Mighty Networks is a course creation and community management platform. It has been helping online creators for years to build their websites, interact with their subscribers, and sell courses online. With Mighty Networks you can bring your courses, memberships, and offers together in a powerful community under your brand.

Although currently a strong player in the online course creation community, Mighty Networks is not without its drawbacks. Fortunately, there are multiple alternatives that offer similar features, pricing, and support.

In this guide, we’re going to review 8 alternatives to Mighty Networks to help you decide which course creation platform is best for you.

Quick Overview: Mighty Networks Alternatives

Why Do You Need Alternatives of Mighty Networks?

Despite being one of the most popular online community platforms, Mighty Networks does have its drawbacks and won't always be the best platform for everyone. Below are some reasons why you may wish to look for a Mighty Networks alternative.

Limited Templates & Customizations

Mighty Networks has a limited amount of pre-designed templates and themes..
and the layouts and fonts of the templates don’t allow customization.

Integration Limitations in Community Plan

The “Community Plan” might be suitable for beginners however If you want to integrate Mighty Networks with Zoom, Google Analytics, Mailchimp, Salesforce, or others - you have to move yourself into “Business Plan.”

Additionally, their Business or Pro Plan doesn’t have sufficient integration capacity like other software.

Manual Migrations on most plans

If you’re looking to move your content to Mighty Networks, you’ll have to do the work yourself. Their migration services are only available on the Mighty Pro plans which start from $249/month.

Language Barrier

Mighty Networks doesn’t support any other language except English. This is a boundary that other platforms have overcome and extended their platforms into multiple languages.

All-In-One Platform

While Mighty Networks is a course creation platform, it doesn’t include advanced features to design or structure courses. If you want to create and deliver courses with a rich and interactive learning experience for your learners, you should explore other choices with more in-built robust tools.

No SSO Integration

Single sign-on (SSO) feature is not available in Mighty Networks. So, if you’re providing multiple applications or services and want your students to access them by using only one set of credentials then you should look for other options instead of Mighty Networks.

Best Mighty Networks Alternatives for Building Learning Communities

1. Kourses

Kourses is our recommended platform if you’re looking to build an engaged community that includes online courses, training and content in one central membership website.


Kourses Pros:

Versatile: From building excellent membership site portals to enabling auto-play videos with lesson comments, Kourses has a powerful feature set that makes it extremely versatile for creators.
All-in-One Platform for All: Kourses is a reliable platform to sell online courses without risking your reputation. It can be the best choice as a Mighty Networks alternative for every sector of people like entrepreneurs, educators, business owners, marketers, and more.
User-Friendly Interface: Its impressive intuitive interface is easy to use for anyone from a non-technical field. You don’t need to go through any learning phase to get along with it.
Flexible Integrations: With Kourses, you don’t need to compromise on any additional service that you need. It allows a broad range of integration with CRMs, autoresponder systems, and email marketing tools.
Advanced Control: With Kourses, you will have all the controlling power to release your videos. Its advanced content release controls offer options to take control over - content release time, date, and multi-tier level subscriptions.
Flexible Payment Options: The checkout system of Kourses is flexible and secure. It’s directly connected to OptimizeCheckout, ThriveCart, and SamCart to let you receive payments with your existing system. There are also webhooks and an API to help you integrate external platforms easily.
Highly Responsive Support: Kourses prides itself on providing highly responsive, caring support, with a global team that’s available 24/7 to help you get your courses, communities and membership sites running.
Join as an early adopter: Kourses is opening up limited spots for their Founders Club waitlist. This means if you get access now, you’ll be joining as an early adopter and get the best deal possible on this new platform

2. Thinkific

Thinkific is designed for beginners or enterprise-level content-creating organizations. Its interface is easy to use for non-technical educators.


Thinkific Pros:

Multiple Product Types: Thinkific has some course creation tools to create quizzes or assignments, design community platforms, add multimedia to courses, etc.
Easy to Use: Thinkific comes with a user-friendly interface. Anyone can use Thinkific without any technical knowledge.
Supports Custom Domain: Thinkific lets you use a custom domain to manage your community and spread your branding throughout the globe.

Thinkific Cons:

Limited Payment Options: You can enjoy multiple payment gateways (Paypal and Stripe) but we still think these are limited options.
Insufficient Eco-System: Thinkific has a comparatively smaller ecosystem than other course creation platforms. For this reason, you won’t be able to integrate it with an enormous number of third-party tools.
Slow Load Speed: Some users have reported slow load speeds when building courses and websites with Thinkific. This can affect SEO for your front end pages, and hurts user experience and engagement inside your courses.
Customer Support Issues: We’ve seen reviews which mention issues with customer support responsiveness when users have had issues with the platform.

3. BuddyBoss

BuddyBoss offers both web and app-based solutions to create online learning platforms and communities on WordPress.


BuddyBoss Pros:

Flexible Integration: You can integrate it with third-party tools for creating and selling online courses featuring course completion certificates, assigning quizzes, and tracking student progress.
Supports Social Networking: BuddyBoss features an independent web community platform that is almost similar to Facebook groups where you can grow private or public networking.
Better Customization: BuddyBoss offers a variety of customization to change fonts, colors, themes, designs, and more. If you have been bothered by the limited customization of Mighty Networks, you would like to customize your course-selling platform with BuddyBoss.

BuddyBoss Cons:

Limited To WordPress: However, BuddyBoss is only for WordPress CMS users. So, if you want to use some other CMS instead of WordPress, you can’t decide to stick with it.
Requires Technical Knowledge: You will need to gather the learning curve on BuddyBoss to get started. It requires extensive knowledge to set up and configure in the initial stage. Unless you’re experienced with WordPress, BuddyBoss isn’t for you.
High Cost: Buddyboss includes 3 different packages - $228/Yearly - 1 site, $288/Yearly - 5 sites, $388/yearly - 10 sites. You’ll also need to spend an additional $20-$30 per site per month for hosting as you host the sites yourself on WordPress.

4. Kajabi

Kajabi helps content creators, bloggers, brand promoters, and entrepreneurs to build their platforms.


Kajabi Pros:

Course Builder: For online course sellers, Kajabi has the essentials to create courses, quizzes, content, and member management.
Flexible Platform: Whether you want to build blog sites, sales funnels, or perform email marketing, Kajabi offers all for your course creation journey.
Versatile: You can create landing pages, websites, membership sites, blog pages, payment pages, and more using Kajabi.

Kajabi Cons:

Expensive Pricing: Kajabi has 3 pricing plans - Basic ($149/month), Growth ($199/month) and Pro ($399/month). It doens’t charge transaction fees, but their plans are higher than most other platforms we’ve reviewed
Ease of use issues: Due to the many features included in Kajabi, the interface is quite complex and could be overwhelming for some users. If you don’t need the power of the marketing and funnel features, it might not be the best choice for beginners.
Poor Community Implementation: Kajabi was not built with a community platform included initially. As the need for this feature grew, Kajabi chose to acquire an external company to add this functionality. This means the community feature feels disjointed and doesn’t fit well with the rest of the Kajabi platform

5. Circle

Circle is another community-building platform that complies with our recommendations to be a replacement for Mighty Networks.


Circle Pros:

User-Friendly Platform: Circle helps content creators manage their online communities and serve coaching, courses, webinars, subscription-based websites, and flexible checkout options.
Versatile Functionalities: Circle comes with functionalities to manage resources without integration hassle. You can create and manage articles, podcasts, live webinars, forums, quizzes, assignments, and subscriptions.
Provides Customization: Circle has multiple templates and customization options. With Circle, you can easily create websites for your community.
Membership Management: Circle offers some membership tier models to help creators monetize their communities accordingly.

Circle Cons:

Pricing: Depending on its features, we found Circle’s pricing higher compared to other platforms.
Limited SEO Customization: Circle isn’t SEO-friendly enough to serve you to accomplish your SERP goal. You must be careful if you’re going to publish blog posts that rank on Google by keyword targeting.

6. Teachable

Teachable is an online course platform with drag and drop page builder feature.


Teachable Pros:

User Friendly: It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an experienced course creator, you can create your customized platform using this scalable platform.
Customization: Teachable has customization tools for changing colors, fonts, multimedia elements, logos, and more to create a brand identity for your community.
Flexible Management: Its student management system is appreciatable for tracking progress, managing student enrollments, and handling multi-tiered memberships.

Teachable Cons:

Pricing: Teachable has 4 available price packages including transaction fees-
Free - $0/month; 10% transaction fee, Basic - $39/month; 5% transaction fee, Pro - $119/month; 0% transaction fee, Pro+ - $199/month; 0% transaction fee

If you don’t have anything to do with course selling but only want to manage a small community and perform some sort of promotion, you can opt for the free plan. Otherwise, the price packages and transaction charges are costlier.

7. Hivebrite

Hivebrite is a community management platform with engagement affability.


Hiverbrite Pros:

Scalable Platform: Hivebrite is designed to manage scalable businesses. So, you can start your community management with fewer members and grow to thousands with Hivebrite.
Management Tools: Hivebrite comes with a variety of engagement tools to manage your events, discussions, forums, Q&A sessions, and more.
Automated Workflow: This community platform allows its users to enjoy automation and centralization for sending emails, newsletters, notifications, or messages.

Hiverbrite Cons:

Pricing: Hivebrite is expensive and not ideal for smaller business owners, non-profit organizations, or individuals.
Limited Customization: The lack of customization options of Hivebrite won’t let you adjust fonts, colors, blocks, or multimedia sizes according to your requirements.

8. Patreon

Patreon offers all the flexibilities a content creator would need for content creation, management, and marketing.


Patreon Pros:

Payment Gateways: Patreon supports multiple payment options, including Apple Pay, Venmo, PayPal, Master Card, and Visa.
Analytics: Patreon gives insightful data and analytics to understand each of the members’ activity and track earnings alongside course progress.
Integration: Once you decide to use Patreon to build a course-selling platform and manage your community, you can also enjoy the benefits of its flexible integration with Mailchimp, Slack, Gmail, Google Sheets, and more.

Patreon Cons:

Complicated Settings: Setting up Patreon for the first time can be complicated and time-consuming for its new users.
High Transaction Fees: The transaction charge (8% in pro plan and 12% in premium plan) is overpriced and can create income insecurity for many creators who don’t want to share their earnings with anyone else as it can track your every sale to apply transaction fees.
No Custom branding: Your members do not get a custom branded experience when consuming your content - they are surrounded by distractions of other content on the Patreon platform

How to Choose Community Management or Course Creation Platforms?

Do you want to be able to manage your members, subscribers, and community depending on their membership level differently from the same place?

Yes, you can!

For that, you’ve to find a platform with potential to serve all the purposes that you’re looking for in your course creation and community management platform.

While you’re in search of the best course creation platform to replace Mighty Networks, you must seek a certain level of advantages and see if you find them in your selected platform.

We’ll discuss some of the must-have features below while selecting Mighty Networks alternatives and recommend you not to skip any while considering an alternative to Mighty Networks.

How User-Friendly Is It?

Is the platform you’re selecting over Mighty Networks user-friendly? The first and foremost feature that we want to mention is user friendly platform.

If the platform doesn’t have an intuitive interface, you’re going to face a lot of distractions and end up getting frustrated. 

Accordingly, we want you to mainly check into the platform’s interface through its trial version, ratings, reviews, and testimonials before investing your money.

Suppose, you selected a platform with a complicated interface, so then what? You will have to go through the learning curve, do many repetitive things manually, and go back and back into the system.

Does It Include Website/App Building Functionality?

A platform with website/app building functionality will allow you to create your website. You can continue the intent of your brand, tone, goal, and uniqueness using the pre-designed templates by customizing them.

Can I Integrate It with Third-Party Tools and Software?

The more integration capacity a platform has, the less you’ve to work and the more you can contribute to your community.

Integration with other tools can help you to improve the overall experience of your students/learners and subscribers.

Apart from expandible integration capacity, you should also get a platform with automation flexibility. With automation, you can easily streamline your workflow or run marketing campaigns.

Is the Platform Cost-Effective?

There are dozens of platforms requiring transaction fees per sale.

Is this even a good idea to get along with a platform that will cut commission for each sale? We don’t think so! We recommend you choose a platform with estimated monthly/yearly costs. In this way, your revenue won’t be affected at all.

By any means, if you’re considering a platform that charges more than 9% of the transaction fees for every sale, we would highly discourage it.

Furthermore, stay alert to other hidden charges. Properly check video hosting and storage charges too if there are any.

Will I Get Help from Customer Support 24/7?

Suppose, an error has occurred or you’ve made a disruption and now you don’t know how to fix it! In situations like these, you need instant help from support.

If the issues remain prolonged and visible to your students, subscribers, or members, you’re going to lose your reputation for sure. Taking such risks isn’t something that you should even imagine.

To avoid any mishap, look for a platform with multi-supporting channels like live chat, email, calls, or forums. Also, ensure the support is available 24/7.

Does It Support Email Marketing?

Email marketing features can increase the possibility of an increased number of students or subscribers in many cases.

For example, sending emails about other courses into the inboxes of those students who are already enrolled in a course creates the possibility of their enrollment into new courses.

Also, select a platform that will allow you to create an email list of your students and their participating programs.

The platform must have the ability to send automated emails to students pursuing their queries related to the courses, offerings, upcoming webinars, podcasts, case studies, or new arrivals.

Can I Host or Stream Live Video With It?

Lastly, consider the fact that online courses are dependent on video hosting. There’s no way to compromise with video quality. Video quality should be your first pivotal consideration.

A platform must have the capacity to host 4k UHD videos to provide the students with an extremely satisfying video streaming experience.

While evaluating alternatives for Mighty Networks, we encountered some of the platforms that have a very complex process to upload videos into course sections.

In addition, educators have to integrate with third-party apps for streaming live video on some platforms.

These are some video streaming blockages that you must be careful of while selecting a platform.

We recommend you choose a platform for your online course creation and management with faster video hosting accessibility and an easier live streaming process.

Choose Your Mighty Networks Alternative:

Since you’ve come to the end of our Mighty Networks blog, you might be planning something bigger with your course-selling platform.

So, what is the best Mighty Networks Alternative?

Among our 8 alternatives of Mighty Networks, Kourses is an all-rounder due to the fastest video hosting and streaming advantages. Kourses also offers seamless integration with third-party apps, monetization, and email marketing automation.

In our listing, Thinkific is another course-selling platform with email marketing automation attributes.

If you want to implement crowdfunding or fundraising in your course selling platform, Patreon and Hivebrite offer such benefits.

Kajabi provides 24/7 customer support while BuddyBoss ensures security over anything. On the other hand, Teachable is completely a codeless platform.

Sounds confusing, right?

What if we say, you can simply choose Kourses and get most of the advantages that you might need in a platform where you can create your courses, host your course contents, and provide specific services to the members depending on their membership tier?

As Kourses is still in private early access release mode, get yourself signed up for Kourses private access release and be notified when the next cohort opens.

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