8 MemberPress Alternatives For Your Membership Site

Seeking MemberPress alternatives? Compare top platforms on features, pricing, and ease-of-use to find the ideal membership solution for your needs.

Joanna Taylor

By Joanna Taylor  •  Updated 21 November 2023

If you are thinking about creating a membership website using the WordPress CMS (content management system), there is a good chance that you have heard about MemberPress.

It is one of the most popular WordPress membership plugins, with thousands of users over the years who have earned over $1 billion.

The platform’s popularity speaks for itself, and it's a great tool. However, it has its flaws - it relies on paid third-party add-ons for some key features and can be a bit bloated for the needs of some users.

In this article, we will explore the core features and weaknesses of the platform and highlight eight MemberPress alternatives offering unique or specialized features that may be more suitable for your needs.

MemberPress Alternatives: Comparison Table

What Is MemberPress?


MemeberPress is an all-in-one WordPress membership site plugin that gives you the features you need to sell access to your gated online communities, online courses, digital downloads, and coaching programs.

Blair Williams is the creative force behind the platform, and it was launched in 2013 to help content creators effectively monetize their membership site business. 

MemberPress makes it easy to set up membership sites, manage access to your content, and receive subscription payments securely. 

The platform comes with a ReadyLaunch wizard that will guide you through customizing the pre-designed membership templates to suit your membership site's needs.

Access to your content can be controlled using MemberPress paywall rules. You can set membership levels and decide whether to drip-feed your content to boost recurring revenues or release everything at once.

It also lets you set expiration dates for your content to generate a sense of urgency among your members.

Key Features:

LMS Platform: use the built-in learning management system to sell online courses and offer protected digital downloads to your members.
MemberPress Paywall Rules: you can spell out rules that restrict access to pages and certain types of content to members that meet specific criteria.
Community Forums: use MemberPress’ seamless integration with platforms like bbPress and Discord to create password-protected discussion forums with different access levels.
MemberPress Corporate Accounts: you can create corporate membership accounts and sell them to families, businesses, churches, and any collection of individuals interested in joining your platform as a group.
MemberPress Gifting: grow your membership by letting your members purchase gift memberships for friends and family.
Affiliate Marketing: leverage MemberPress’ integration with plugins like EasyAffiliate and AffiliateWP to promote your membership site with your own army of affiliate marketers.

Why Look for a MemberPress Alternative?

The drawbacks highlighted below help to show why, despite its suite of impressive features, Memberpress may not be the best solution for many content creators.

It forces you to pay extra for third-party tools that add key features like discussion forums, affiliate marketing, page-level analytics, and eCommerce, which should have been built into the platform.
You may find the platform’s extensive range of built-in and integrated features excessive for the needs of your membership site.
It is relatively more expensive than some other equally capable WordPress membership site plugins, and the costs for the add-ons pile on pretty quickly.
You will be responsible for hosting and maintaining your membership site, unlike a platform like Kourses, which hosts your video and text content and is responsible for the security of your membership site.

MemberPress Pricing

MemberPress Pricing

Pricing starts from $359 per year, but it is currently discounted at $179.50/Yr as part of a promotional campaign. There is also a 14-day 100% money-back guarantee.

List of Popular MemberPress Alternatives

1. Kourses

Kourses platform

Kourses is a membership platform lets you create branded membership portals for selling and delivering access to your online courses and educational content. 

Kourses focuses on handling the very core functionality of what a course-based membership site needs: course creation, content hosting, access control, community building, and member retention.

It provides you with a powerful LMS platform for creating your courses and superfast video hosting for storing your content. You have all the tools you need to create different membership levels and schedule access to course lessons.

The platform was built from the ground up to prioritize community-building—an essential ingredient for creating a successful membership site. It lets you create course hubs for stand-alone courses with features like lesson commenting to help build engagement. 

Each hub serves as a hangout for students of that course, and there is a churn rate detection tool to help you quickly identify and reach out to members who are losing interest.

Kourses Features

Course Hubs: build thriving mini-communities around individual courses with tools like lesson commenting and moderation rules.
Superfast Video Hosting: your video files will be stored on Kourses’ world-class servers to ensure your content is always there when your members need it.
AI-powered Transcriptions: nurture a more engaged audience with the platform’s inbuilt transcription feature available on all your video lessons.
Content Release Controls: you can drip-feed your content, release everything to your members, or create both scheduled and self-paced courses.
Membership Levels: control access to individual courses or groups of courses by setting up different membership tiers.
Product Promos: you can upsell membership programs and digital products to specific member groups to earn more revenue.
Conversion-optimized Checkouts: accept payments on dynamic pricing pages using popular systems like OptimizeCheckouts, Thrivecart, PayPal, or your existing checkout system.
Integrations: you can seamlessly connect your membership site with your existing software apps for email marketing, CRM, autoresponder services, and more.

Kourses Pricing

The platform is currently in closed early access. Still, you can register as an early adopter to gain access to premium features as they are released at no extra cost.

2. OptimizePress (OptimizeMentor)


If you are planning to sell courses, digital downloads, or coaching programs on a WordPress-based site, OptimizeMentor is a WordPress plugin that lets you create, deliver, and control access to your content in a gated membership site. 

The plugin is part of the OptimizePress suite, launched in 2010 as the first WordPress landing page builder, and is the brainchild of James Dyson.

OptimizeMentor provides you with pre-designed, conversion-optimized membership templates and a drag-and-drop builder that you can use to set up your membership site.
Each template is a full-blown membership platform with a membership homepage, course homepage, and lesson module pages.

The plugin integrates seamlessly with OptimizeCheckouts, which is used to set up recurring subscriptions, accept payments, and drive sales with upsells, order bumps, and coupons.

OptimizePress Features

Branded Membership Sites: use OptimizeBuilder to customize your membership template and add your logo, brand colors, and other design elements.
Unlimited Courses: you can create as many courses as you want and add different types of content, including text, videos, audio files, and digital downloads.
Student Progress Tracking: monitor the progress of your students with quizzes and assessments, and issue customized certificates to members who complete your programs successfully.
Access Management: you can impose a self-paced learning strategy or drip-schedule your content for individual courses and specific membership groups.
OptimizeFunnels: use OptimizeMentor’s natural integration with OptimizeFunnels to create conversion-optimized landing pages and sales funnels that will attract and convert new students.
OptimizeCheckouts: you will accept payments on your membership site via Stripe and PayPal and use order bumps or upsells to sell more to each member.
Integrations: connect your membership site to any of the over 50 third-party apps and the thousands of WordPress plugins supported by OptimizeMentor.

OptimizePress Pricing

OptimizePress Pricing

Pricing includes the entire OptimizePress suite and starts from $179 per year, but it’s currently discounted to $129/Yr due to an ongoing promo program. There is also a 30-day money-back guarantee.

3. Kajabi


Kajabi is an all-in-one content creation platform geared towards maximizing the marketing reach and revenues of the content creator.

It is a great membership platform for anyone interested in using an aggressive email marketing strategy to attract members and build a personal brand around their membership site. 

Kajabi lets you create beautiful product pages for your branded courses, podcasts, and coaching programs.

To attract customers, you can create landing pages and sales funnels and run email marketing campaigns.

Kajabi Features

Kajabi AI Creator Hub: use pre-designed templates and intuitive AI creator tools to create unique online courses and coaching programs that you can start selling immediately.
Website: you can create an independent website with your own custom domain to house your membership program, blog, and eCommerce pages for your digital products.
Sales Funnels: use templates with conversion-optimized copy to create landing pages for your product and sales funnels that convert leads.
Email Campaigns: you will be able to use proven templates in your automated marketing campaigns to win new customers.

Kajabi Pros

Membership website with custom domain
Proven email marketing tools
Conversion-optimized sales funnels
24/7 live chat support

Kajabi Cons

Expensive subscription fees
Significant learning curve
Limited page builder customization options
Prioritizes product sales over community building

Kajabi Pricing

Kajabi Pricing

There is a 14-day free trial period, and pricing starts from $149 per month.

4. AccessAlly


If you need an all-in-one WordPress membership plugin that gives you robust sales tools and supports course creation, coaching, and community building, AccessAlly lets you do all that on WordPress and also gives you the tools to run your own affiliate program. 

The platform integrates with popular email marketing software apps and provides you with features like percentage-based coupons, 1-click upsells, and order bumps to help you sell more products.

Its built-in affiliate marketing plugin lets you recruit affiliate marketers on your order forms who will help promote your membership site to new customers.

AccessAlly Features

Unlimited Course Creation: create as many courses as you like and use gamification points to keep your members engaged.
Individual Coaching Portals: you can create one portal for each client and issue certificates and badges upon the student's completion of the training program.
Beautiful Order Forms: create mobile-friendly forms for accepting payments from members and use tools like 1-click upsells, order bumps, and coupons to earn more revenue.
Affiliate Marketing: you can create affiliate links and manage your promo partners directly from your AccessAlly dashboard.

AccessAlly Pros

Wide range of tools to sell your product
Community building features
Gamification features and leaderboards
Built-in affiliate marketing

AccessAlly Cons

No video hosting
Basic user interface
Feature bloat concerns
No built-in support for Apple Pay and Google Pay

AccessAlly Pricing

AccessAlly Pricing

Pricing starts from $99 per month, and there is a 60-day money-back guarantee.

5. MightyNetworks

Mighty Networks

MightyNetworks lets you create online spaces with actively engaged communities.

It is a great platform for established influencers who need a social network with extensive content creation features under their complete control. 

The platform is centered around spaces, each of which includes a feed, chat section, events area, member directory, and online course page.

Members can find information about each other on profile pages and connect easily using built-in direct messaging tools.

MightyNetworks Features

Spaces: offer online courses and coaching programs to your members and keep them engaged with polls and quizzes.
Direct Messaging: your members can find each other on member directories and send private or group messages at will.
Events: use the built-in live-streaming feature or integrated tools like Google Meet and Zoom to organize in-person meetings or large gatherings.
White Label Apps: you can create branded iOS and Android apps for your membership site with a Mighty Pro subscription.

MightyNetworks Pros

Extensive community building features
Supports multiple content types
Live streaming functionality
Branded membership apps

MightyNetworks Cons

Transaction fee on all plans
Prioritizes social networking over online learning
No PayPal support
Limited web page builder customization options

MightyNetworks Pricing

MightyNetworks Pricing

Pricing starts from $39 per month, and it is free for two months with an annual purchase.

6. Memberful


If you are looking to monetize your passion on your own terms or using a unique business model, Memberful gives you the tools to create any type of content and sell it using a subscription or payment plan that is most suitable for your target audience. 

The platform lets you offer digital downloads, podcasts, newsletters, and physical products.
You can set up a paywall and request periodic subscription fees, one-time payments, or offer group subscription plans.

Memberful Features

Digital Downloads: offer downloadable PDFs and MP3 files that your members can access through one-time payments, periodic subscription fees, or group subscription plans.
Podcast Memberships: you can connect your membership site with the most popular podcast players and offer paid podcast memberships.
Paid Newsletters: create and deliver periodic newsletters to paying subscribers and encourage them with targeted coupons when they share your referral links.
White label Website: you can use the Memberful platform, which is separate from the Memberful WordPress plugin, to create a branded website with your own custom domain name.

Memberful Pros

Wide range of monetization models
Completely free to use in test mode
Branded website with custom domain

Memberful Cons

No built-in community building features
Transaction fees on all plans
No built-in course creation features
No PayPal support

Memberful Pricing

Memberful Pricing

You have complete access to all of the platform’s features in test mode, and there is a free Starter plan. Paid plans start from $25 per month.

7. Uscreen.tv


The Uscreen.tv membership platform lets video content creators create white-label, Netflix-style websites that offer video catalogs and live-streamed events to an engaged community of members.

The platform is ideal for creators who want to set up their own on-demand video subscription service for their established or growing audience of fans. 

The platform provides video hosting and gives users community-building tools like member challenges, live chats, Q&As, and blast notifications that help build engaged audiences.

It also lets you sell your content via a subscription-based or PPV (pay-per-view) model.

Uscreen Features

Netflix-style Video Library: create an on-demand video subscription service with a catalog that members can explore using custom filters.
Live Streaming: you can organize live events for your members and send blast notifications to remind them to join.
Monetization Models: generate recurring revenue by offering video rentals, a subscription-based pricing model, or a PPV model.
Branded OTT Apps: you can create branded apps that your members can use to conveniently access your videos and live events.

Uscreen Pros

All-in-one video content creation platform
Multiple video content monetization methods
Robust community-building tools
Branded OTT apps for AppleTV, AndroidTV, FireTv, Roku, and iPhone

Uscreen Cons

Expensive subscription fees
Add-on fee per member
Fixed video storage limits except with the far more expensive custom pricing plan
Limited site customization options

Uscreen Pricing

Uscreen Pricing

The platform is free for 14 days, and pricing starts from $199 per month.

8. BuddyBoss


If you want to convert your WordPress-based site into an online forum with social networking features, the BuddyBoss theme lets you create Facebook-like online forums with public and private groups, activity feeds, direct messaging, and member profiles. 

BuddyBoss was created in 2010 by Michael Eisenwasser as a WordPress theme for building online forums. 

The platform lets you create as many groups as you want. Members can view posts on the community dashboard and add comments and likes. You can also organize live events for group members.

BuddyBoss Features

Social Networks: transform your WordPress site into a vibrant online forum with multiple private or public groups and direct messaging functionality that ensures people talk to each other.
Course Creation: you can leverage the platform’s close integration with Learndash to offer online courses to your members.
Live Events: organize virtual meetings or classes for your members by embedding Vimeo live streams or Zoom meetings.
Done for you App Service: you can hire the team behind BuddyBoss to help build white-label iOS and Andriod apps for your membership site.

BuddyBoss Pros

Online forum builder with extensive social networking features
Supports embedded live streams
Reasonable pricing
Robust theme customization options

BuddyBoss Cons

No built-in checkout solution
Relies on paid third-party tool for course creation
Significant learning curve
No built-in upselling functionality

BuddyBoss Pricing

BuddyPress Pricing

Pricing starts from $228 per year, and there is a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Choosing The Best MemberPress Alternative

Each platform on our list has its own unique features, and the right membership site platform for you will depend on your peculiar needs and preferences. 

You will also need to decide whether you want a standalone platform or a WordPress-based solution.

Standalone platforms like Kourses offer video hosting, custom domains, and managed security, which you won’t get with a WordPress-based platform. 

However, WordPress membership plugins like OptimizeMentor compensate for that by giving you access to WordPress’ massive ecosystem of plugins that offer any additional functionality you may want on your membership site.

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